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April 23, 2022

You Thought You Knew the Moon - Sorry Rookie - Think Again

You Thought You Knew the Moon - Sorry Rookie - Think Again

Here's Some Very Little-Known-Facts About the Moon You Never Knew Existed Nobody Knows More About the Moon than Bexx and I We've Been Studying the Moon for Years and have Acquired the Most Advanced Knowledge of the Moon Anyone Could Have Now We're Going to Share it with You and the Rest of the World YOU'RE WELCOME WORLD - BOOM BABY, BOOM! Up All Night with Boogie Man Channel - Everyone's Favorite Guilty Pleasure I've been doing this Moon thing for years now. I know the Moon so well physicist, doctors, astronomers, theologians, astro theologists and everyone in between look to BMC and reference our work and records on the Moon because we are truly the go-to in the field. Fake Astronomers like NASA and their live-in goon squad that have always wanted and dreamt of being astronomers have always, secretly rode our coat tail in the shadow, claimed our work as their own and tried to make money from our research. What they don't know is that every once in a while I plant a grenade out there in the wilderness to see who is stealing and who is learning. I ALWAYS end up catching the fake astronomers over at NASA stealing from BMC on a regular basis and trying their best to make it look like they would never visit our website, read our materials or socialize with people of our level. No matter what you say you think of us and our work- you're still "borrowing it" as your own. I've found my grenades in 14 different, fake ass, astronomers journals and books being sold on Amazon in the self-publishing section. All of these losers have (at one time or another) been employed by our friends at NASA. Sad...just F$&# SAD! Check Out the Biggest Moon Rise You'll Ever See in Your Life YOU'RE WELCOME WORLD - BOOM, BABY - BOOM! When my Moon Book is Finally Complete...we'll see who the go-to is! Let's just jump right into this. I know A LOT about the Moon and you don't. I have hard to know facts because I'm an astronomer who has dedicated a large swath of time to rediscovering the Moon after realizing that everyone looks to NASA for answers and NOT themselves. Let's face it - those asshats didn't go to the Moon. It's not because they can't get there - hell, with the technology they've traded up for could take them to the surface of the sleeping lady's face at this point. There's literally no destination that isn't obtainable at this time by NASA. I truly believe that and I have plenty of evidence  to back up the claims. So it's not that NASA can't go to the Moon, the Moon is actually pretty easy to get to. A high altitude plane could make the trip anytime you want to go. The problem is not the technology, the problem is (1) which Moon do you want to go to? and (2) once you ge there - it's much smaller and much more artificial than you were expecting. That's a guarantee. The Moon is relative and few people know that there is much more than just one we are dealing with. In fact, there's so many Moons around Earth - I don't believe you ever see the same Moon twice. I truly believe that the Moon in question which was supposedly landed on back in 1969 is a Moon that may not be able to be located again if you tried. [/mks_one_third] [/mks_col]  because the Moon less than a quarter mile across (on full Moon phase) - Reference: 1a.- It's artificial and created from a dense foam and designed to resemble a scaled version of what used to exist but no longer does - Reference: See Images of the Artificial Moon Above The material of the Moon is mixed with tha glow in the dark crap that was on watches, toys, nightlights, car handles and every other gaudy POS they could fit it on back in the 80s and 90s. If you ever want to know what moon is scheduled for that night you merely ...

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