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You’re an Alien on the Ship Called Ubiquity Oblivion

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I thought it would be a nice change to watch the live show together. This week I tried something new and I sorta liked it. I switched it up and started doing shows all week long and then I was going to skip the weekends but all it did was make me more addicted to doing live shows and being in front of the camera. So I thought I would run a rerun tonight and then tomorrow I’ll do a live show with Bexx present which will be a beautiful change. We haven’t had her all week long so I’m really excited about seeing her in the hot seat. But for tonight, we are taking the night off as you can already tell. I needed to finish a few big ass projects so I can start the week fresh with a level head. I’ve been so stressed out lately because I’ve had these projects looming on me in the background. I’m so happy to say that we are gaining new subscribers everyday on FB and YT. This is just awesome and I’m so excited about this. There are so many new people I want to welcome to the family so here we go. 

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Welcome to the ARK; Spaceship Earth –

You’re a Rider on Ubiquity Oblivion

I’ll be uploading this to the podcast library ASAP. Until then, watch it live here.


Check out the audio only version below….you know we got your back. This show was amazing!

Welcome to the ARK; Spaceship Earth –

You’re a Rider on Ubiquity Oblivion

This show was so good we had to play it….twice. I may even have to run it again in the future. It really was an amazing show.

Just when those silly globers thought they had something up on anyone is when Hell froze over and the Earth actually started Spinning. It then spun so fast that it turned into a ball.

WARNING FOR GLOBE BELIEVERS: That was just a small story and it wasn’t true – please don’t believe it and start defending it like you do with this ridiculous shiz you were taught as an infant along with Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Fraggle Rock and that dude always hanging with your mom when Dad is at your that you call “Üncle Banger”

Let me start out the this video as I should all videos when dealing with the much lower half of Facebook by saying Ï”M NOT A FLAT EARTHER .In fact I’ve been scoring amazing images of the real Earth over the past 3-5 months that I’ve been plastering all over my podcast and videos. First and foremost I’m here to tell you that flat earth and round earth are NO LONGER an argument. MY team and I laid it down months ago and continue to do so. I will tell you this – you were both wrong. Everyone was wrong. It wasn’t round and it wasn’t flat. But If I had to give it to a winner I would give it to the hollow earth community. Because that bitch is hollow. It has another planet on the inside. It has waterfalls flowing off the edges and onto. The center straight down to Sheol. Which. You’ll be happy to learn runs from pole to pole. No icefall, Still no rotation. The Sun is still simulated and always has been. The Moon is a holographic lying piece of projection. But enough about all that – let’s talk about the sun and how you were wrong about that too everyone. This new revelation is going to blow your wig back. Get ready kiddos.


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Now back to it….

We were always taught that the Sun Simulator ventures over the non-existent curve of the Earth and lives to shine another day as it brings promised light to parts of the realm who were owed what was due. They waited patiently all night long in the cold and the dark and frankly, nobody deserves it more and nobody else in this construct waited more patiently than that of the those on the dark side of LYYS (The Real Name of Earth). The reason Earth’s real name is LYYS is because that’s what it was built on starting with the first lifeforms named Add and Lilith. ADU was a Goat and Lilith is the mother of demons. Which we’ve come to find out after weeding through tons of LYYS isn’t a bad thing. So knock that off and get it out of your pretty little heads.

We are very vindictive creatures to one another and raise too scary levels of manipulative when we want or think we need something. But enough about that – let’s talk about the Sun of God.

What you’re about to see in this video is the Sun NOT disappearing over curvature in the Earth but in fact just leaving our visual spectrum and our plain of perspective which is roughly 60 miles give or take a few miles.

Anyways – this video is about to destroy the curvature of the Earth thing which takes us right back to the fact that the Sun is a simulator and there are A LOT of them in the sky. The reason why we know is because this thing can’t even illuminate more than about 60-100 miles and you’re seeing that fact play out as a guy records roughly 60 miles through the atmosphere and is literally watching the sun leave his perspective and his ability to see any further no matter how big and ow bright an object in the sky is.


We’re not asking for the world – Buy us a cup of coffee…that’s all!

We are a user-funded channel and greatly rely and appreciate tips, donations and charitable gifts. It won’t kill you, in fact – it makes you feel better.

This also proves that consumer and professional grade telescopes and optical equipment do NOT have the ability to view objects in space at distances of HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS, MILLIONS, BILLIONS AND DEFINITELY NOT LIGHT YEARS AWAY….. I’m calling BS!!

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