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May 30, 2022

We keep catching the Sun Sim & Moon sim smudging

We keep catching the Sun Sim & Moon sim smudging

This is an anomaly you probably haven’t yet seen

If you’ve been anywhere around me and my friends then you’ve seen it

No; you never smudged a girl back in college – it’s not like that
I’ve only ever seen this one time and now all of the sudden this year I’ve seen it a dozen smudgen times. I truly can’t believe my eyes. I have no idea what causes smudging but it’s incredible. When you see the Moon Simulator of the Sun Simulator Smudge for  the first time in your life you don’t know what to do or how to act. You most definitely don’t’ know what to think about the Moon or the Sun itself.

UFO transits the Lunar Surface Before Hitting the Edge of the Artificial Moon Simulator and Smudges it
While Breaking the Surface Tension of the Giant Plasma Disc

NOTE: I waited for 20 minutes to get the shareable link for the video and it still never happened. If you have problems with this video above or the link – I dont’ care. Just go to the channel on YouTube or facebook and get it yourself. Your a big boy / girl – you can figure it out. I’m proud of you. 🙂 

Listen to the Audio Only Version Here!

Sun Simulator Gets Smudged

on the Edge when a UFO Flies by


First I’m going to show you the sun simulator smudge it’s way’s out of the sky. It’s crazy how perfect someone caught this on video. It was the last thing any of us recording were expecting when we were watching our buddy Mark Eberling fly for the first time during his flight school is Newport Ranch California. He has rented a private plane outside of his school for the lessons and to practice on his own. What does he care? He’s so rich. His daddy hooked him up with everything he  will need. He is A LOT like Elon Musk. He’s rich, always been rich and always will be rich and he stutters like crazy. In fact I’ve never seen a grown man stutter so much and spit when he talks everytime a question is asked of him.

Why does Elon feel the need to have a camera crew follow him around all day and night when he stutters and spits his way through his days? Why would someone who spits that much when he talks want to watch it again later or even have the option of showing it to someone else? If I were hit I would have a shower curtain follow me around if I was that “Special olympics” when I talked.

Anyways, next up is our fake ass moon. The Sun simulator is fake enough that we shouldn’t be showing it all the time – it’s ridiculous. Nobody wants to see that SIHT!!! Put it away Buzz.So my wife Bexx and I were at the telescope the other night when a UFO zipped across the Lunar surface. I was quick to the draw but honestly the UFO could be anyone’s that thing looks like a prop out of a cheesy after school UFO / Alien special documentary for kids that ride the short bus – kids like Ellllooonnn!!! You get it. Enough about him.

When the UFO started flying across the Moon’s surface and was just about the break the surface tension of the edge you can see this ginormous smudge it caused as it was exiting the lunar surface in our field of depth.

In case you’re not aware of a smudge it’s when an object like a vehicle, a ufo, ISS, shuttles, rockets, witches on brooms fly across the sun or the moon they smudge the edges outward. This means they literally looks like they take a piece of the moon or sun’s edge with it as it flies past the Moon or the Sun and break the surface tension of what appears to be a plasma-based object. This smudging is the hardest thing to describe online or to others on the internet because there’s really no official wording or phrasing for it in the “matrix” of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Which I may add is the most important thing ever online if you’re trying to get people to watch your videos here on your truth channel. Knowwhatimean? Is it still considered a truth channel if nobody hears it or watches it?

So this is what I’ve got for you tonight everyone. Two of the most mind-blowing shorts the world has ever seen here on BMC and Dot.Connector.Podcast. I’m having a really lucky year with my dozen smudges, my Moon bird captures and even my Birds stuck in the sky for no apparent reason and my personal favorite -Birds on Clouds – HHHEEEEYYYOOOO!!!

I have so many different videos I’m working on lately. I’m always busy but lately I’m ready to hang myself with all of the work. I just can’t take it. If there is anyone out there that knows anything about setting up Facebook / Meta Business Suite with Integration to your own website I could really use your help. I’m trying to configure Instant Articles, 7 Server apps, Pixel, Events, a Shop, Ads manager, Classes, Live, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Full Transparency; I have no idea what the hell I’m doing and no matter how much I watch videos it seems like Facebook is a piece of SIHT! and nothing works.  These people are mentally insane or something. They have a trojan horse on their server and they’re requiring all of us content creators to download and install it on our machines, our phones and our webservers. Of course I didn’t know this when I got al excited and put it on my iMac, my laptop and of course my phone and now all three things I can’t use because the keyboard doesn’t work. it’s absolutely insane. How can a multi-billion-dollar company be so bad at putting out an app that their beta version would destroy thousands (maybe millions) of machines. This is some BS. I’m going to kick that prick in his dkic when I see him. Zuck you’re mind Btihe. That mofo got all of my computers messed up. It’s not the damn machines I care about – it’s the damn data. The insurance company wants to pay us out half of what they are worth. I don’t’ want the money. I want my data back. Got I want to kill him. j

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