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July 07, 2022
War Maybe on the Horizon - We've Spotted Entities that are getting into position

We’ve Spotted Entities that are getting into position They’re getting ready to strike when the time is right Who or what are these things? Right away I need to warn you that this is a strange fee...

We’ve Spotted Entities that are getting into position

They’re getting ready to strike when the time is right

Who or what are these things?
Right away I need to warn you that this is a strange feed. I’ve been catching some strange shit as of late. This was never my intention but you never get to choose what you catch when it comes to the strangeness. You never get to choose the camera or the format in which you’re recording; you should feel lucky if you even get to record during an exciting strange event.

Just a few days ago I was in the garden smoking a cigarette after my shower and when I looked up there were entities all over the garden staring at me. They weren’t saying anything, they weren’t moving – they were just there. Just sitting, staring and waiting. Waiting for what? I have no idea. I never know these thing’s intention. I never know what they want. I never know what the hell they’re even doing here. Typically all they ever do is come out of one of two portals, move a foot or two and then they die. They just melt away into the ground and leave nothing but a wake of grass clippings and plant leaves. Our time together is roughly about two minutes. That’s it – I don’t get to learn anything from them, I barely even get to look at them.

I’m not hurt about the situation, I’m just telling you the facts. 

War is Coming: We Fight Not of Flesh and Blood

but of Entities of Unknown Origin, Needs & Wants

As usual, check below for the audio only version of this podcast.

In case you didn’t catch my announcement – Bexx and I have decided to try doing our podcast five nights a week in order to take the weekends off. We were going to try this for just a little while to see how that fits. We would like to try something else and see if that feels better. I’ve been doing this same schedule for 5 years now and I need something new.

#spaceshipearth #spaceshipearthexplained #highstrangeness #hologram #holographicuniverse #holographic #artificialmoon #holographicuniverse #sunsimulator #fallenangels

Tonight it’s all about Spaceship Earth – we’ve talked a lot about the spaceship earth theory and tonight we will try our best to spaceship earth theory explained for all of you. High strangeness for the masses – we know you love strangeness and now you’re going to get your fill. We’ll combine high strangeness and spaceship earth together.

We’re going to be roll playing tonight. We’ll be diving deep into Spaceship Earth. The thought, theory and idea that we are all aliens on a spaceship cruising through physics the void on a ship called Übiquity Oblivion aka Earth! It’s come to my attention over the past 24 hours that Earth’s actual real name – LIEL better known as Veil aka LIES aka oh you get the picture.

Spaceship earth all night long baby with a touch of strangeness with a side of high strangeness with spaceship earth theory explained.

We’re going to start our story out tonight on the night that the powers that be tell the world about all of us being located on a spaceship. How will they tell us? Will it be another lie? Of course it will – it. always is. Why do you think they are ramping up to make this the hottest planet in the construct? On top of that they’re pretend that we can ONLY fit so many people on these ships the rest will have to die here alone. That’s if you didn’t already get physics killed by the Geoengineered extravaganza they threw at the remaining survivors of the construct. They always knew they weren’t taking a lot of people with them and that many people would have to die. Die they did. Fake tornadoes, fake hurricanes, fake floods, fake droughts and so much more.

Holographic universe, holographic universe theory and then holographic universe theory explained. Spaceship earth with high strangeness. then how about some simulated reality and simulation theory then we can explained it away. Knowwhatimean?

Simulated reality, simulation theory. with holographic universe. then the simulation theory, then some more simulation theory explained. Do you know anything abou the sun simulator? How about the moon simulator?

This planet is going to be cooking underneath that man made dome they’re already starting building overtop of our heads. After everyone is dropping like flies form the insane heat waves which are stagnanetly around us all of the time. That’s when they start the influx of man made inclement weather patterns, death, destruction and more. All of it will be in the name of global warming. All of it in the name of Agenda 21 and 32.

Klaus Bonerface said it the best when he was quoted as saying “by 2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy about it.”and this is exactly what he’s talking about. Because everything and everyone you know will be destroyed in the lake of fire which will be dumped on your head over and over and over again. When these days begin I hope I can count on the bravery of my friends and fellow killers to assist me in putting some NASA heads on spikes? I’m sure I can call on you. But we shall see come 2030. Let’s keep those spikes sharp.


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