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Telling Yourself that all that Vomiting is from a Burrito isn't Helping at All
There's No Such Thing as Coincidence. 
You Smoke Everyday, You Tried to Quit, Now You Can't Stop Vomiting - There's No Such Thing as a Coincidence

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Bexx and I were discussing her day at work when she said a part of her day that she has been saying A LOT lately. She told me "we had about 10 more potheads in ER with "Cyclic (Intractable) Vomiting." Then, she continued to say "why do they come into our hospital? It's not like we can do anything for them! They're so stupid" When she said those statmeents, I couldn't disagree with her. These potheads certainly don't know who or what they're messing with when it comes to weed.

First off they all say the same stupid things....

Weed's all natural
Answer: No bonehead, it's not. At this point - Weed is probably one of the worst if not the worst GMOs on the market today. It's so bad it can't even be a futures or commodity and exist on the futures market because nobody knows what kind or how much makes up what for what price. Weed is NOT supposed to have crystals on it --- that is crystal meth in disguise. Please knock that shit off and put it in the trackcan. It's garbage.
It's not addictive
Answer: I hate to tell you this my friends - you are more addicted to weed and will have a harder time coming off of it than any heroin addict you may or may not know.True to date - weed is the most addictive drug on the market today. More people are addicted to weed than any other drug as it's more readily available.
The Government didn't Let Weed be Legal Because they Didn't Know how to Tax it
Answer: You fell right into the CIAs trap you dimwit. They knew all along how to tax it - who the hell did you think was the one growing and selling it? Bill and Hill were the biggest dealers around the time of Iran Contra Scandal. When Ollie and Ron gave up their guns and coke deal to Bill and Hill they taxed their weed biz on top of it. If you did Weed, Coke, Crack or Dope in the 90s. If you purchased or sold a gun in the 90s - they were all Billary's. You funded their entire empire and put them right into the White House. Everytime you heard that dude play that saxaphone, just imagine - it could've been at the foot of your mother's bed. Scumbags.

Non-Stop Vomiting from Your Weed
Weed is addicting, in fact - it’s just as addicting as heroine or cocaine. More people are addicted to weed because it’s so readily available. Now that it’s legal, everybody and their mother has turned into a weed dealers, growers, processors, delivery men, moles, smugglers, kingpins and smokers.

The minute the government announced the lift on strict laws and punishments for marijuana more people became addicted to marijuana than any other drug in the history of drugs.
The hospitals are becoming overrun and have stayed at t his level with patients coming in with something called Gastro Paresis - this is the slowing down of the bowels and the digestive track. When this occurs, all of the oils, the toxins and the excess fluids and water have no place to be released and have found exit in your stomach and esophagus. When these toxins touch that area of your body, your defense mechanisms are programmed to release those things out of your body - so they do so (quite often) through vomiting. With vomiting in excess comes the feeling of nausea, sweating, overactive tears and mucus ducts and membranes and of course dehydration.
To make a long story very short - people don’t know they’re addicted to weed. Throughout my life all I’ve ever heard was the addiction to weed being laughed off like it was a joke - people have turned it into a joke and only laugh at those crying out for help when met head on with the realities of their addiction. Welcome to addiction my friends - the number one black sheep in the family of sheeple. Nobody knows the severity of addiction, nobody wants to deel with it - nobody wants to talk about it, look at it or know that it even exists. This is not right. What’s also not right is that our government took this drug to a legal status so irresponsibly without any campaigns of cares, any campaigns of education on the subject - no where new to turn, to talk or to look or ask.

Gastro Paresis
It basically means the slowing down of your bowels or digestive track so that nothing is going through and being digested in its normal manner. Things like digestive juices, oils, toxins and liquids like that of water, vitamins and essentials minerals.

Cyclic (Intractable) Vomiting - It means you keep vomiting

Nausea Medicine -
MQ Motion Sickness Patches - Their proper name is Scopolamine Transdermal Patch - I believe you can buy this over the counter or at least you can buy the equivalent over the counter.

Treatment for Cyclic Intractable Vomiting