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I finally found the proof I needed in order to call it as it is. We found the proof that shows that our creator is real and NOT what we all thought. Our father who art in heaven is Halo Be thy Name - I never understood that. I don't understand a lot of things in the bible. Sometimes its so cryptic for absolutely no reason at all. Sometimes you need to ask yourself. Why? Why is it so complicated. Why is it the way it is when truth is usually so simple? Why couldn't (whoever wrote the bible) they just say - "the sky is artificial and made out of a bunch of odd shapes and slats.  Why could they just say anything, something about a crystalline structure. Why couldn't they say something about this this wall, ceiling, roof, being the back wall. The outside wall of our construct. Why couldn't they state that this is as far as the train goes? Why couldn't they have said something about a grid, a physical grid that can be found out in lower earth orbit?

The heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament sheweth his handywork. The Proof of the creator. I use

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Why does it all have to be so complicated? Confusing and strange? Why can't it be so much simpler? Why can't it all make more sense? I'll tell you why. Because it's sto strange, it must be taken literal. Because of that it makes it too weird to come out and talk about in a public setting. That is what makes it all so "not believable"by the masses. The same reason why so many people don't believe in my channel and the things I show and talk about. They think I make up lies and that I don't catch the things that I catch. They accuse me of being conflicting with statements that I make compared to others. The problem is. - nothing is ever conflicting. The only conflicting things are the ones they aren't aware of. It's always because the people accusing me of this are the ones that are frankly new to the channel and have no idea about my beliefs or the facts in general. Its hard keeping everyone on the same page. Actually it's impossible.

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