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This is a short but really cool video of an orb UFO about the size of a basketball floating over a town of onlookers and pulling a reaction out of them so big it was followed by cheers and jeers. It was fun to watch their reaction. They loved it. Clapping, yelling, dancing and singing. It's getting to a point where the people of the world will finally stop reacting to these UFOs and the supposed aliens or extraterrestrials that are inside of them. All I ever hear from people is that ETs are demons - that is the weirdest thing to say and think in my opinion. What exactly makes those things demons?

If I had the opportunity to meet a gray alien, I would take that opportunity. I'm not sure if I believe in them or not but I will tell you this. I definitely don't think that they are demons. I don't even understand how someone comes to that conclusion.

Detection of Invisible Terrestrial Entities
By Dr. Santilli
It wasn’t long before I was researching this dome photography technique to better understand it and I came across Dr. Santilli; a Jesuit Priest and Vatican Astronomer. When I started to study his “Santilli Telescope Method” that I fully understood that was what we had recreated. A more effective and more inexpensive model.

Anyone who thinks the dome setup isnt a legit method of photography has obviously never used a telescope because it's the same basic method. I use the word "basic"because of how basic it is. It's a parabolic mirror and a lens. That's all that telescopes are as well. Reflector telescopes and Dobsonians.

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