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Watch in this short time lapse video we see it turn from day to night right in front of your eyes. all of this occurs over top of a place called Convict Lake in Mammoth Mountain California. This by far one of the most beautiful time lapse videos I've ever captured of the Milky Way Galaxy in my astrophotography collection. This is one of the proudest time lapse videos I own now. this is the best capture of the beautiful Milky Way galaxy I've ever seen. Watch as the sky comes alive and is painted with colors and lights throughout the void. watch as The aether winds and the plasma stream whirl the heavens around our heads and proves how alive it's become around us. This is proof of the creator - the one that everyone has been in search of. Although we live in a simulated reality within a holographic universe this is the most beautiful simulation one could be trapped within.

Watch as day turns to night over Convict Lake in Mammoth Mountain California. The skies are filled with color and light and the aether streams whirl the universe around our heads. This amazing time lapse video of day turning to night over convict lake in Mammoth Mountain SoCal in breathtaking and is the most beautiful astrophotography time lapse of the Milky Way Galaxy I ever recorded. You’ve never seen the Milky Way Galaxy like you’re about to see it here. Witness the splendor and wonder of the lights and the colors of heaven as day turns to night right in front of our eyes and the Milky Way dazzles us. This dazzling astrophotography time lapse video of day transforming to night over convict lake in mammoth mountain California is the most amazing spectacle of the Milky Way Galaxy I’ve ever captures before.

I'll see you all in the next video
Boogie Out!

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