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July 27, 2022
Two men's journey to a canyon with great secrets

A Valley with a Secret Door That Secret Door has Many Mysteries Inside Our Mission is Clear - Uncover those Mysteries and Report Back I've roped Keenan into a camping trip. Before we can do that, ...

A Valley with a Secret Door That Secret Door has Many Mysteries Inside Our Mission is Clear - Uncover those Mysteries and Report Back I've roped Keenan into a camping trip. Before we can do that, he has to change a solenoid on his truck, get together some gas money and make his way from Northern California to SoCal. To my home in San Gabriel, CA. We're all cheering for him. We want him to make it. We're setting aside 4 full days of uncovering this mystery in the valley. This valley is in an area of Angel's Cress Forest. I'm not sure why it's called a forest as there's hardly any real trees there. Once we get to the trailhead which is right on the lip of a cliff - the cliff is part of and overlooks a canyon I call "The Grander Canyon."Once you see it you'll know why I call it that. It's bigger than the Grand Canyon by twice the size. I"m positive of it. I'm Not sure why this Grander Canyon isn't on the map of recognition with folks who enjoy traveling, outdoor destinations and sightseeing because this place is just Grander. Once we get to the trail head you'll be able to see our final destination - that's a door. A huge door. A door that's the size and shape to accommodate a giant, tons of them. This door (although sealed off) has electricity running too it - lots of the stuff. I'm not sure why but there is an entire electrical grid down in this canyon at the valley floor. This Canyon is stacked with activity but at the same time it looks empty and barren. It's made to look like nobody is living there. It's made to look natural, organic and deserted. Lift up it's hood and you can clearly see that it's visited on a daily basis. It's lived in and it's active as hell. I don't care about any of that - I only care about that damn door and breaking it open to find out what's inside. Two men's journey to a valley with a secret & sealed door and the mysteries within Below you can find the audio only version of the full podcast episode. NOTE: If you'd like download the audio only version then all you have to do is follow the directions to downloading the episode through the link on the bottom of the player. It's going to be a 2-3 day trip. I'm not sure which one. I can only speculate on how long this whole thing is going to take. It's the dead of summer so we're going to need lots of water. The only problem with water is that it's heavy as hell. The more you bring with you the more you need to carry. The more you need to carry the more you sweat. The more you sweat the more fucking water you need. It's a vicious cycle. So Bexx had an amazing idea: She said we should drop some water off on the hill while headed down to the hill to the canyon floor on the trail. I thought that was an excellent idea so I'm sure that is what we're going to do. It's going to be hell moving a few big water jugs down the decline of the Mountain on our way down but as you drop them off one by one your load gets lighter and lighter. Before you know it you're not carrying the jugs anymore and you're on your way down the hill to the best dinners and breakfasts by campfire you could ever have. The mission is simple, scout to the valley of sunsets and fallen stars. No cars, no phones, no electronics. Just two men with the same want in mind. The want for the truth. Living their entire lives, unknowing; they've been nothing but an experiment for the powers-that-be and their minions. Strapped with nothing more than a weekend camping pack on each of their shoulders, food, tents, pad and bag they set forth down a very dusty decline into a valley the same size as the grand canyon. How this place isn't called the Grander Canyon is beyond me - it's size is remarkable. It's impossible for one to measure it's lengths and widths. The depth is never ending but let's hope the men find the end soon because they have wives, children and family waiting for them at home.

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