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Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons Energy Weapons for Political Control By Elana Freeland BOOGIE MAN CHANNEL UP ALL NIGHT This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Click Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || Hot Products / Sizzling Prices || Like nuclear radiation, the EM radiation technology in which we’ve become so enmeshed will require a painful learning curve. We’re engaged in a giant world experiment for which electro-pollution, biological stress, mental health, and even judiciary systems demand immediate and serious re-thinking. Despite corporate media disinformation, we now know that ELF frequencies have a primary impact on all life forms, and that lower power densities can do more damage than higher densities, particularly when it comes to RF or MW absorption. No matter if you want to read, listen or watch this blog, podcast or video - we've got you covered. Below you can download this thesis paper by Elana Freeland or you can listen to the podcast. Finally watch the video at your earliest convenience. There's just so many ways to soak this in. Enjoy!! This Covert Electromagnetic Era: Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control Text Only Version By Elana Freeland Download the PDF - Select Here This Covert Electromagnetic Era: Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control Audio-Only Version By Elana Freeland This Covert Electromagnetic Era: Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control Video Version By Elana Freeland  It would be comforting to believe that ignorance of the impact on human health here and now and in future generations lies behind the present proliferation of cell towers and Wi-Fi technology. But the dangers inherent in nonionized, non-thermal electromagnetic technology have been well known since Project Pandora in the mid-1960s. Read about it in Robert O. Becker’s 1985 book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life and dispel forever the illusion that the military-industrial complex cares about the loss or debilitation of millions of human beings. In the early era of radar, it did not take long for physicians and scientists to grasp what radar operators’ symptoms of sterility, baldness, cataracts behind the lens, white blood cell proliferation, and chromosome changes meant, nor their proclivity for having children with Down’s syndrome. The military’s response was to create yet more secret classifications and to make sure that thermal power density norms ignored non-thermal effects. It was the Cold War and EM open-field research was to be protected at all costs, human health be damned. So the American National Standards Institute adopted the safety levels of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE): for frequency, 300 kHz to 100 GHz with everything in North America, Western Europe, and Japan set for 50-60 Hz fields. For power, the 10-100 mW (milliwatts)/cm2 standard was a far cry from that of Soviet Russia; if their limit of 1 microwatt and 10 micro-watts on the job was adopted here in the US, 90 percent of our FM stations would have to shut down. For specific absorption rate (SAR) standards of cell phones and towers, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) relied on the IEEE again and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement (NCRPM), then garnered legitimacy from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), none of which backed the standard with scientific research, choosing to believe instead the IEEE story that the effects of non-thermal EMR are not dangerous, despite repeated evidence of biological effects following from non-thermal power densities of 1,000 to 10,000 micro-watts. So it’s not surprising that none of these standards are law. The military

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This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Click Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || Hot Products / Sizzling Prices ||
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