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May 31, 2022
The Next Big G is Only 9 Votes Away

Who will be the Man in the Crown of Thorns Upon the Golden Throne of the Most High Part of the “What If” Series Get Your “Creator” Caps On A Checked Out Library Book Why can’t an author be excite...

Who will be the Man in the Crown of Thorns

Upon the Golden Throne of the Most High

Part of the “What If” Series

Get Your “Creator” Caps On

A Checked Out Library Book
Why can’t an author be excited that one of the kids at summer school checked his book out of the school library. Even though this was the copy of the book with a nasty green booger in between every page and someone’s chewed up gum holding most (if not all) of the pages together. Unless that white milky substance isn’t gum. HHHEEYYYOOOO!!!

The Next God is Only 9 Votes Away

Who will be the Next Man in the Crown of Thorns? 


NOTE: Tonight we only have an audio version. I’m sorry – you’ll be fine though. 

The reason I said that was to lead into this…

We’ve always had an issue trying to figure out the “Why.” Why are we here and who is it that placed us here? Is there a creator? Is there a God? If so, where the hell is he/she and why is there drug addiction, why is there homelessness and things easy to fix like world hunger and clean drinking water which is a birthright of all?

Most importantly why are there sexual deviants still roaming free and preying on the young, preying on the weak and why oh why would a creator, a God allow his creations to do this to one another and why would he have supposedly done what he did to his “One Begotten Son.” Now I don’t want to get this confused- the sexual deviancy and God had NOTHING to do with one another. I probably shouldn’t have placed the two things side by side. I’m a content creator – not a writer. I would like you to keep those things in mind as with mistakes like that.

If Jesus Christ really was the One Begotten Son of the True Creator then why would’ve he allowed the Roman Soldiers to do what they did to that poor man. They beat him, they whipped him down to the bone. They starved Jesus, droughted him out by withholding water, they made him carry his burden (the cross) through the streets while people spit, hit and through siht at him.

I wonder if Jesus had his way with the asshats that did that horrible stuff to him? I’m sure we found out how “forgiving” he was after the day those people finally passed away and went to wherever it was they were destined for.

I’ve heard A LOT of thoughts, theories and ideas as to the “Why” the “What” and the “Who” (creator (s) / God(s)) and the fights / arguments between a monotheistic and a polytheistic belief sub-system in a multifaceted Christian multiverse. Although that’s A LOT to say and a HUGE tongue twister it’s all apart of the truth and a line which needs to be drawn through and around these types of conversations and ideologies.

Anyways: I’ve always liked the line “Energy is eternal; it can’t be created nor can it be destroyed.” This has always been a strong proof of reincarnation and proof of life after death. This, in my opinion has always made me feel at ease that I would see Bexx again. I always knew her and I had been in love more than once. We’ve been in love for a long, long, time. We’ve been together through so many lifetimes and the keepers always hate that her and I keep finding one another.

I was told by a very connected woman in this work and the study of these things that I’m known as “The Traveler” on the other side. I’m well known in the upside down and in the flip side (yes, these places are real) because I can never seem to settle down at any one place and I somehow always get myself a passport to travel through from dimension to dimension. This is how Bexx and I keep meeting because I’m notorious for going outside of our circle of family and friends and expanding my circle to include the entire construct and even other parallel dimensions. I’ve always been a “jumper” and this sort of character has made me famous in many circles on the other side, the flip and the upside down. It’s been like this so many times. Back to my story and questions.

Here’s what I got for you today

Everyone is always trying to figure out the “what” the “why” and most importantly the “who” as far as the “who” is concerned they’re talking about “God.”Is there a creator and essentially is there a God?We all want to know why we’ve been placed here on Earth. why were alive from What life is all about.The more we all think about these thoughts, and we trade thoughts theories and ideas, the more we talk ourselves into a circle. We talk ourselves into a wall, and paint ourselves into a corner.what if life isn’t about us at all. What is we are just the alternative “what.What if we being here is part of a test. Not a test of us and our next lives or even past lives. We are just the creation and this is a Game for God’s where we are the pawns. We’re not as important as we would like to give ourselves credit for.` What is the test of life and the Afterlife isn’t a test for us but its a test for the Creator? What if the ultimate test is one for God. The council of 9 is testing their for the seat of God. They are testing to fill the golden throne of God. They are testing to fill the throne of the Most high for which temporarily is filled by Lucifer.They’re testing out a bunch of creators a bunch of Gods, the Elohim, the Magistrates of Source and the almighty to find him or her. Who will wear the crown of thorns in this dimension? Who is more fit for the throne of the most high, who deserves it the most and essentially who can handle its responsibilities?Who can reach perfection within classes of creation. This is why even today we discover 48 new species a day. Who can lead mankind in life and even into the Afterlife?Essentially who has the power of running the construct, answer prayers, lead, direct the light and waters of creation, direct the energies of reincarnation and assist the souls on the correct path without losing too many into the true abyss and over the ledges of sheol.On top of all other responsibilities who can still be cool, calm and collected enough to walk with mankind to escape from their meat suits.Then on the day of reckoning and revaluation to transcend into a higher dimension. Back to our original home in much higher realms and back on track to our true purpose. Because mankind is destined for more but this is NOT our time and this construct may not be where we find our time and / or our purpose.

That completes that. I just wanted to run this unbelievable idea past those of you that think about these sorts of things as I do. I’m not writing these sorts of things for my own health, I write them so you can all think about these sorts of things and so that you can get involved and comment on the blog, the story or the idea (depending on how you see it).

I would  love to get your feedback on this and I would love nothing more than if we could start a conversation about this topic right here. This is going to appear in the next live show we do on Friday Night at 9PM PST until 11PM PST. If you didn’t know that is when we do our live streams every week.

There are some weeks where we miss a weekend but honestly we are very consistent with our show times. If you haven’t been lucky enough to see us live we urge you to do so. We throw the best shows on YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. I put money on that one.

Just this last weekend we showed you all the true shape of the Earth, We showed you the real universe and the first real 3D models of our entire construct. I would like to go further and tell you all – I was right. I was right about it all. If you haven’t yet seen that show – you really need to watch it. I spoke slow, I was articulate, the show wasn’t filled with a bunch of swear words. I was well rested and I showed you all step-by-step exactly where we are located and exactly what it looks like. We do NOT like on a flat Earth or a Round Earth. We live on an elliptical spheroid. If you need another descriptive word – we live on a disc. It’s not closer to flat than it is round – it’s smack dab in the middle and we were all wrong. We all bet on the wrong horse and that’s that. Now let’s all move onto something more important. 🙂


We sped up our website by leaps and bounds. We sped up our website by 75% – this thing is blazing. No more complaints over the speed of the website. It’s actually one of the fastest websites you’ll see around. This I promise you. Bexx and I hit a brand new staple point with our hosting company and they’ve realized we are VIP clients with one of the busiest websites on their shared servers. They took us off of their shared servers and secured our data with our own Virtual Dedicated Server. We share with other sites but their speed and data no longer affects our speed or our safety.

That’s all I have to say about that. I hope you all enjoyed the brain excursive. Please feel free to leave a comment and let’s start a dialog about this theory. I would love to hear from you. Please know that I’ve integrated the comments here on the site with Facebook. So you can comment on FB or on the website (just about the comment section in the FB comment section below) and it will appear Facebook. It’s a really cool feature.

You’re Welcome World

We Love You Too!



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