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Feb. 6, 2022

The Man with a Crown of Thorns, Crying Blood & His Boat Called God

The Man with a Crown of Thorns, Crying Blood & His Boat Called God

He's Crying Blood and The Boat Named God We're About to Look in the Eyes of Zeus and the Real Lucifer DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST by BMC This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Click Today || || 626.274.6028 || Hot Products / Sizzling Prices || You asked for it - you got it, another banger from Dot.Connector.Podcast by Boogie Man Channel - you're baby Bexx and Your Boy Boogie is back at it again this week live from YouTube for another amazing shindigger regarding the construct and simulation we all most definitely inhabit here outside of Asgard - the 12 kingdoms of heaven - Valhalla, the Kingdom of Odin, Zeus' castle, Freya's kingdom and of course Balder to name a few. We will all discuss the omnipotent AI and that boat called "God" from the Old God's side of things. The Man with a Crown of Thorns, Crying Blood & His Boat Called God You're about to lay eye on the real Zeus and the real Lucifer - this is NOT a game!  NOTE: Be sure to check out @01:47:00 in order to see Zeus and Elohim / Lucifer - you're not going to believe your eyes. We're going to dive deep into Norse mythology, meet the great and wise Zeus, lucifer is standing by in Asgard and waiting for us as well. We can't be late and you shouldn't be either. It's going to be a party whether you're there or not. When we showed up Zeus looked worst for ware and hand a few bumps and bruises to let us know he was in a scuffle - even though nobody asked. hhhhheeeyyyyoooo Tonight is the night I finally tackle the subject about the boat called God, the old gods, the horseplay and anything else that bugs me like crazy. Today was pretty cool as one of the insane animals from the other side of the construct who came to throw down actually came to apologize for his behavior along with the behavior of everyone else in his party. I dont' like any of those people and I really haven't learned any of their names - but at this point Io be honest if it was up to me they would've all been dead. Bexx is trying to help me be better with people but I just want to sharpen my knives on them. Nothing else seems interesting but Bexx is forcing me to pretend. So be it. We've been putting up with A LOT of BS over on our new Facebook page which is still going viral - now on about 15-20 different videos. We could really use everyone's help over there laying down the law and representing this truth we've all been learning, relearning and teaching over the last 4 years together. I've been getting my arse handed to me over the last few weeks as I battle about 30-40 trolls at any given times while weeding through hundreds of comments, smart remarks and insanity. I don't know if you all remember what my channel was like 4 years ago when Bexx and I first started on YouTube but it's just like that all over again. Back when I used to tell people about the fake stars, the fake sun, the fake moon and the holographic canopy of the sky - I'm getting all of the same responses from people that have never thought about these sorts of things before in their life. It's like they hate me for making their brains start to function after years of lying dormant. It's funny to think that it used to be like that on YouTube many fake moons ago. Now everyone is on the same page and singing the same song. It hasn't been until recently did we start to get a few trolls back on the channel coming around again. All I did was put a new filter on the channel where nobody can comment unless they've been a subscriber for more than 30 minutes. You would be surprised how much people forget what they were going to do or say 30 minutes later. Or maybe they just don't want to subscribe that badly that theyll just sit there and scream at the wall instead. Either way - it's time to drop this doozie for your koozie on ya. This was an amazing episode and I don't want to keep you a moment longer.

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This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor
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