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The Puppet Master The One Who Refers to Himself as the Most High He Who has Coined Himself "The Creator" We Shall See What's What and Who is Who! dot.connector.podcast. by [BMC] Tonight's' the night, no more bullshit. No more fancy pants videos with slick music and amazing and sexy Voice Over Work from your boy Boogie. Tonight we do the damn thing and we move with purpose and intent. Tonight we are joined by a good friend. Your friend and Mine - Johnny 5 aka the Tricky Bird. Johnny will be a voice of the people because I can't hear all of you at the same time. Johnny will be watching your comments in the chat and passing your comments, concerns, questions and smart remarks right along to me. Tonight isn't so much a practice run but together we are going to ensure that what we show tomorrow and Sunday is going to be down right perfect. There's only so much time in one day and even though I've been. Click Here to Visit Tricky Byrd's Channel on YouTube (Formerly Johnny 5ive) The Man Behind the Curtain - The Man Who Refers to Himself as The Creator of the Realm You can watch the show live - RIGHT HERE...just look above! Click Here to Visit Tricky Byrd's Channel on YouTube (Formerly Johnny 5ive) Working on this show all week I just couldn't finish it with the quality and the pizzazz I wanted too. So tonight we're all going to work together as Johnny the middle man, the voice of the people ensuring that nothing gets by me. Nothing is ignored and nothing is left under a rock or in a corner. Johnny is going to ensure that what I show you tomorrow night is going to knock your socks off. I have 5 things in the show tonight that you've never seen in your life and are guaranteed to rock your world. I always make a point to put at least one or two things in the show that rock your world but tonight I've overflowed the cup with fyre. I can't wait to see you all beg for mercy but my Karate Coach told me "Danielson....NO MERCY!!!:" So pretty much I sicked my boy London on your ankles. I told you don't come around here if you don't have my money. We can play this game all night baby. London hasn't eaten and he's ready to tear you a new A-Hole so get ready for it. Tonight's your' night to meet your maker and that guy behind the curtain. Brace yourself children - the dot.connector.podcast. is about to touch down and I didn't' bring any protection with me other than this killer dog and a wife who cockblocks BAD!!! I love you boo boo. HHHEEEYYYYOOOOO!!! Join us at 9:30PM PST with Johnny 5 aka Tricky Byrd of the Tricky Bird Channel on YouTube - A Man and A Voice of the People - We'll See you All in a Few Minutes Live on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and soon After Roughly 65 Audio and Video Platforms and Networks from All Around the World Click Here to Visit Tricky Byrd's Channel on YouTube (Formerly Johnny 5ive) This Amazing Live Streams, Videos, Podcasts, Jokes and the Sexiness Served Steaming with Rice a nd a Side of Bag O' Dicks - A Weiner Replacement Regiment is Proudly Presented by Our Sponsors - SIZZLE CITY SHOP | Strings of bling and Other Shiny Things | Hot Products and Sizzling Prices | If it's Unbelievably Dope and Priced at a Steal, Dripping with Impeccable Quality and Most Definitely Handmade - It's Got to be Sizzle City Baby! | Please Visit Sizzle City at Their Official Home Online: www.SizzleCity.com | Call: 626.274.6028 | Or Email: Sizzle.City@Yahoo.com | ************************************************************************** ************************************************************************** Join us on the website: www.4TheWoke.com The Blog: https://www.4thewoke.com/blog/. Podcast Library: https://www.4thewoke.com/podcast-library/ ************************************************************************** CONNECT WITH US ************************************************************************** Boogie Merch: Main URL: https://SkyWoker.com Alt URL: https://tinyurl.

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