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July 24, 2022

The Home of Strangeness Part 2

The Home of Strangeness Part 2

Dragons, Treefolk, and even Totem Poles and So Much More Part 2 of 2 Tonight we were joined with Bexx, finally. It's been weeks since we've been able to nail her down. I've gotten so used to NOT having her around that I'm really starting to enjoy the company of Keenan Cochran. Don't get me wrong -I've always enjoyed his company but now that he's got the jitters out of him he's really becoming an amazing co-host on the show. He's coming back with amazing conversation, good jokes, and he and I have great back and forth. It took Bexx and I a long time to get that back and forth together. It seems like Keenan understands that dynamic well and really feeds off of my energy. He makes it so easy to work with him. He really is amazing at this co-host thing, I wish I would've known this a long time ago. I'm loving having him as a guest host on the show. I want everyone to know that if you too want to become a co-host all you have to do is become a member on the channel. It's that simple. We were going to ONLY open the co-host position up to certain channel membership levels but we said screw it and made it open to all channel levels. We made this decision when I was really getting bored of being a host on my own most weekends during the times that Bexx works at the hospital. Follow the links below to become a channel member. We have A LOT of fun on the back end just me and the members. We always have a group chat going on 24/7 - we have the woke lounge that's ONLY available to members and we now have the Discord Chat Server that some levels is ONLY available to members. I treat these people good - I go out of my way to do so. I make sure they're taken care of - I make sure they can always get ahold of me. They can call me, email me and always reach out and ask questions, make remarks or just bust my balls. I really appreciate those that are standing in my corner and I want them to know that.

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