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The First Image of the Moon Ever Taken is the Still the Strangest Photo of the Moon Ever Taken

July 09, 2022

The First Image of the Moon Ever Taken is the Still the Strangest Photo of the Moon Ever Taken
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The First Photo of the Moon Ever Taken

The Strangest Image of the Moon Ever Taken

Daguerreotype Lunar Photography

Taken by John W. Draper in 1840 in NYC from His Rooftop Observatory

If you’re anything like me and struggling to understand the Moon. Understand if the Moon is a 3D hologram or a physical and real object then the first images of the Moon ever taken back in 1840 by John W. Draper from his rooftop observatory in NYC isn’t going to help you at all. In fact, the first image of the Moon ever taken just happens to be the strangeness image of the Moon ever taken and you’re about to find out why.

You’re immediately going to be met by a square object with a crescent moon shape in the center which is going to immediately make you think that is the Moon. You would be wrong when thinking that. The crescent Moon shape you’re seeing in the center of the square object in this daguerreotype is a huge hole you’re mistaking as the Moon itself. This hole is the opening of the square object and that hole is responsible for the projection of the reflection from inside the Moon unit / Moon maker we’re seeing in the image. Yes, this is strange – I told you so. This isn’t just strange but what makes it even stranger is all of the corroborating evidence I personally own telling us that this image can not only be verified but it can be called 100% real and undeniable proof that we’ve been looking at the Moon the wrong way our entire lives.

The First Image of the Moon is Still the

Strangest Image of the Moon Ever Taken – You’ve Got to See This

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The Moon has always been mysterious, strange and elusive when it comes to answers – this first image of the Moon ever taken just solidifies it’s strangeness and its mystery. Once you study the contours and details of this image you’ll never look or feel the same way about the Moon ever again. I’v personally never been more affected by images more in my life. You might as well be looking at photos of your dead relatives because it’s going to same the same shocks down your spine.

After studying the Moon for so long I adopted a very unique set of thoughts, theories and ideas about the way the Moon, the Sun, the Stars and the Planets worked in our skies and how they were projected for our eyes to see. Some people jumped on board immediately with my ideas and other ran for the hills. Some wouldn’t and couldn’t let go of their religious dogmas about the creator and his part in the creation of the Moon, Sun, Stars and Planets and felt offended by my initial words. Some were able to get over that dogma and move forward with me into the land of real knowledge and real advancements in this work and study. Some will never be able to get past what they’ve learned about the universe in the very short time they were in school and study.

The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken. The first images of the Moon ever taken.

Some people moved into an entirely other direction with the same study and got their own set of unique thoughts, theories and ideas regarding this work and study and although their thoughts, theories and ideas don’t align with my own we can still be friends and share ideas. Some people were never able to move forward especially with me in any capacity. No matter what happened to others and how they felt or if they moved on or not – all thoughts, theories and ideas are welcome here on my channel. In fact, if you ever have evidence, proof, thoughts, theories or ideas that you would like to share, I wouldd be more than happy to give you a platform and people to share these thoughts and proofs with. That’s a unique opportunity and other people, other researchers in my shoes would NEVER offer that.

Many times (take the Moon is a reflection of the Earth theory for example) I’ve allowed researchers that had done amazing work to share their thoughts, theories and Idas with my subscribers on my channel even though I didn’t agree with their work at all. Because I did this others thought that I must have agreed with the thought, the theory and the idea. This couldn’t be more untrue. I’m just a guy that feels it’s important that we all use our heads, I feel that we should all stick together. I feel we should always support one another no matter what that project, that thought or that idea is that some of us are working on. I feel that anyone and everyone deserves a platform, a voice and a place to present their work. I will NEVER turn someone away because of their thoughts, their theories and their ideas if they are working hard at proving or disproving these things. Everyone deserves to see that spotlight on them and their work. I will always be that guy who offers said spotlight for as long as I possibly have light to illuminate them with. That’s my promise and my guarantee to all.

The reason why I’m saying this is because of this image right here. No matter how weird it may appear. No matter how much it may disprove my thoughts, theories and ideas regarding the workings of the Moon or someone else – I’m posting this insane image of the Moon in hopes it can connect some dots in other people’s research.

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Now back to it….

This image did NOT put a wrench in my spokes regarding my research on the Moon but it certainly did make me stop, ponder the new possibilities and move forward accordingly . This is me moving forward accordingly.

I hope this shines a light and illuminates those who need it.

I look forward to hearing from everyone. I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts, theories and ideas regarding this new information on the Moon. Please be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below so we can start a narrative about these new and exciting topics.

Let r’rip  everyone.

We’ll see you all in the next video.


Bexx and Boogie!

The first images of the Moon ever taken.

The first images of the Moon ever taken.

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