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July 2, 2022

The End is Near Part 2

The End is Near Part 2

Is Your Soul Prepared for the Afterlife?

We can only know if we test it out

Turn away from the light – turn the other cheek
I ask myself this question all the time. Where do we go when it ends? What happens next? Who are we in our next lives? Do we get to see our loved ones again? How can we change that future? What can we do differently next time if we can’t even remember what the hell happened in this life? It all seems like a big trick and I don’t know what to do differently if I don’t even know what I did incorrectly…if anything. Tornadoes, inclement and destructive weather. Fake stars, fake planets and proof of holographic projections faking our realm and the construct around us. We have so much proof that life is a simulation but for what? For who? How do we get off of this sticking ship called Earth? When it over and how do we end it quicker?

The End is Near

Is Your Soul Prepared for the Afterlife?

Part 2

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You’re about to see lighting, thunder, two suns, multiple moons all in the sky at the same time. None of them real and none of them from the creator. Who is that creator and why is Lucifer in the throne of the most high? Is he the captain of this ship? I saw a vision that showed him hauling our ship out of harm’s way – did he save us? Do we have him to thank for all of this? How long have we been on this ship and how do we thank him?

Why are the powers-that-be-hiding the fact that Earth is a technology? How long have we been asleep in this cryolab? How much longer must we wait until we get to our new home? When we get to Earth 2.0 will we be told the truth? Will there be new rules that are beyond our understanding.

Below is a relief from Egypt. If you pay attention to it you can see the words – “ÄRK”, “LIEL” (Earth’s Real Name), “Veil” and a few others. Things are getting really strange my friends.

We are on the Ark – this is what my research has been leading me too over and over again. I’ve seen this writing on the wall all over Egypt in the pyramids. I’ve seen it written on the ancient tombs of the incas, the mayans, the aztecs, and even the native americans have been trying to tell us the same thing. Life didn’t end during the great flood – that’s when it all began. That’s when we got on this Ark and we have NOAH to thank for it….but where is he now?

Are NOAH and Lucifer the same person?

So many questions, so many speculations and so many things running around in my head that need to be heard, written down and explored. I can’t wait until we get to where we’re going….hurry the hell up already.

Let’s explore Skydome Atlantis with a new thought in mind – this time let’s look at it as a place where souls venture in the afterlife. Let’s explore it as the Egyptians told and taught us. Let’s let our bodies float into the Aether while our souls venture back to our original home in the rafters of the construct on the occulter pads of Skydome Atlantis.


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