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The All Seeing Eye, Monocle of Sight Eternal

April 16, 2022

The All Seeing Eye, Monocle of Sight Eternal
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and Tears of Salt for Turtles Drink Along with So Much More Up All Night with Boogie Man Channel #skydomeatlantis #paranormal #fakestars #ufos The All Seeing Eye, Monocle of Sight Eternal and Tears of Salt for Turtles Drink Last night's live feed when off without a hitch. Bexx and I along with the new baby (London) were able to pull it together and do our first live show in almost a month. Laughs, eeehhhs, ahhhhs, and of course we were looking super sexy - we always are. It was so nice to be back in the hot seat with my baby - it really has felt like forever since we've hosted the show together and I really do miss it when there are months like this where we have a few consistent weekend where we aren't doing a show. It feels like one of those signs at a factor that reads..."It's been this long since our last accident.!" We can now finally flip that sign back to zero and start our disastrous lives right back from day one - now let's get ready for the party tonight. The All Seeing Eye, Monocle of Sight Eternal and Tears of Salt for Turtles Drink NOTE: The HD Version The All Seeing Eye, the Monocle of Sight Eternal and Tears of Salt for Turtles Drink NOTE: The Audio Version FCUK YouTube This is the First Step in Waging War to Getting Our Free Speech Back NO MORE CENSORSHIP - NO MORE BS YT I'm not taking YouTube's shit any longer - these mofos are waging war on the masses from high in a castle somewhere believing they can't be touched. I have news for them - this is America. You can fuck with us A LOT but when it comes to our free speech and our guns -- shit is going to hit the fan. It's time to start letting them know that we aren't children and we won't be pushed around, censored, stole from, played as a joke, taken for granted, treated like a second class citizen and now censored to the point of our rights taken away and kept quiet in a corner. I don't know about you but I'm not taking it anymore. Fuck That! and Fuck YouTube!   Dot.Connector.Podcast.By Boogie Man Channel Channel Fan Merchandise Visit Our Shop-Boogie Man Channel Merch Boogie Man Merch on Twitch Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC on LinkTree I've designed some shirts as a first step attempt at letting them know we mean business. Our next step is filing their platform with "Fuck YouTube" videos letting them know that we're pissed off at the control, the censorship, the thievery and the straight up lying, cheating and stealing. We're not taking this shit from YouTube or Google anymore! JOIN US TONIGHT AT 9PM PST - 11PM PST FOR ANOTHER AMAZING, LIVE, EPISODE OF DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST - LIVE ON YT, FB, TWIT, INSTA, OUR SITE, REDDIT, TWITCH, AND A TON OF OTHER PLACES.  We start the video off with Our Skies Michigan who caught some amazing dancing light orbs over the woods in her backyard. These weren't just any orbs these were orbs with faces and character. Possibly even personality. She seemed to know them as she was speaking directly to them. When she did start to talk to them it appeared they started to respond directly to her by making themselves seen in the camera view. The faces on these orbs were like nothing I've ever seen before. It was amazing and fun. I had to show you all. Next we had a full on apparition in my backyard caught on my IR security camera. It was my first so I had to include it. Very cool. After that we take a look at some of the strangest clouds in my skies which are being painted by drones flying in a very tight formation. This is the very first recording I've ever gotten of the weather drones we all knew existed before they probably knew they existed. Now we know our hypothesis is fact. Another Win for the team. This glitch in the matrix compilation is packed with ghosts, paranormal, sun simulators, moon simulators, fake stars and the whole lot. Sit back, relax and watch the madness unfold. We'll see you all in the next video Sincerely, Bexx and Boogie!

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