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July 03, 2022
The After Party Live on Discord Chat - Part 2

Borderline Insanity The Official BMC Discord Chat Server Boogie Man Channel – Everyone’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure – BOOGIE MAN I’ve been telling you all that the Afterparty podcast is coming back,...

Borderline Insanity 

The Official BMC Discord Chat Server

Boogie Man Channel – Everyone’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure – BOOGIE MAN
I’ve been telling you all that the Afterparty podcast is coming back, well – I wasn’t lying. We already have two full shows in the can and ready for your listening and watching enjoyment. Incase you’re not aware of what the Afterparty is let me be the first to let you in on the coolest secret there is. The Afterparty takes place in Discord Chat following the live shows on Friday and Saturday Night. The Afterparty goes until the wee wee hours of the morning or until the entire group finally calls it quits. That usually occurred somewhere around 4am-6am right around the time the light from the sun started to come up and make us all realize how tired we are and how much we need to go to sleep. When you watch the sun right it always reminds you that you shouldn’t have stayed up all damn night for no reason. The After Party is always a great place to meet new people – people just like yourself. This is exactly why Bexx and I designed things like the AfterParty and the Woke Lounge – it was to introduce people like ourselves to other people just like ourselves. The channel is great for that – it brings many people just like ourselves all around and you never run out of people to meet and greet.

After Party Podcast is always live on the Borderline Insanity Discord Chat Server – Boarderline Insanity is the official BMC Discord Chat Server. Welcome to Dot.Connector.Podcast by Boogie Man Channel – Lend us Your Eyes and Ears and We Promise to Melt Your Mind. It’s what we do babsi and we’re not stopping now.

I would like to say we have drastic swings in topics every After Party but the truth is we discuss a lot of the same stuff every time we get together.

Afterparty Podcast 

Live on the BMC Discord Chat Server – Borderline Insanity



If you want the audio only version to this podcast – click here


I want to give a big shout out to all of our panelists and participants in this night’s AfterParty Podcast

  • Christy King
  • Bexx C.
  • Raena Jennings
  • Brian K
  • Master Darkside RIP
  • TwililyMist
  • Becca Miller
  • Boogie
  • Resident Alien
  • Lil Dead Shroom
  • Focal Shift
  • Michael Khan
  • Joe C.
  • So many more

On this night we discussed a ton of topic. Anything from current affairs, 9/11, transhumanism, health and wellness, pandemics and vaccines, nanotechnology and nanobots, altered history and doctored past along with tons and tons of religious translations, rhetoric and biblical breakdowns. I love breaking down the bible and theorizing what certain things mean and at certain times. The bible is an amazing book and you can never get tired of studying it’s passages.

OK so my plan was to keep this short and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. This is me, saying goodbye….soooooo goodbye! I”ll see you all in the next video and hopefully the next AfterParty Podcast.

Take Care Everyone!

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