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Shelly Mantooth Live: Angelic Guides and Guardians

July 27, 2022

Shelly Mantooth Live: Angelic Guides and Guardians
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Our Angelic Guides and Guardians Meet: Metatron aka Enoch from Book of Enoch The Big Meet and Greet with Enoch Dot.Connector.Podcast.by.BMC Without even trying we're building ourselves one hell of a team. I was just happy to have my wife here as my co-host, she hasn't been here very much lately. While we transition into the new BIGO Live channel it would be perfect to have her support for the entire transition. Well, I can report that she most definitely has been and she's been a dream the entire time. I'm so happy to have Keenan lately. He's been a great help with bouncing ideas and monologue from while I'm doing my thing on the podcast lately. I couldn't ask for a better co-host; but then I still got one. Meet: Akion, he's been with the channel almost since the very beginning of the podcast days but very much behind the scenes. He and I had a heart to heart today and I finally caught him at the perfect time. He wants to try it out and stretch his legs to see how it fits him. That sounds perfect to me. I'm a yes man and barely say no. I wouldn't have said no to him anyways. Shelly Mantooth Live - Our Angelic Guides and Guardians Meet: Metatron aka Enoch from Book of Enoch, The Big Meet and Greet with Enoch Listen to the audio only version of the podcast recording below If you're interested in downloading the podcast episode please feel free to follow the directions below the podcast player above. So tonight we're going to dive right into Shelly Mantooth's Angelic connection and her spiritual guidance from our own Metatron of the Tetragrammaton - the highest form of Angels. Well Shelly has been meeting with Angels for her entire life, ever since a small girl (if I remember correctly). He's going to run us through in great detail what it's like to literally have a guardian Angel on your side. Whether you need them or not. IN THE SPOTLIGHT There's always something going on here at Dot.Connector.Podcast and I can think of no better place to spotlight that here on it's own page on the brand new website. By now I'm sure most of you have taken the time to look around and make yourselves acquainted with the new digs. You have to admit t his is a fly ass site . Is it not? Now if you haven't take the time to check out my. hard work and my sacrifice for all of you. Please check out my blood, sweat and tears for the past few weeks. Sign My Petition There's Nothing Firm in the Firmament Become a Member Support the Mind Blowing Research and the Discoveries of Boogie Man Channel and Dot.Connector.Podcast Putting a Dome in Every Home The Skydome Atlantis 101 Book - Donate Now and Help Us to Get This Book Printed Leave Us a Voicemail No More Emails, No More Instant Messages Buy Us a Coffee We Ask You NOT to Break the Bank - We're Merely Asking for the Price of a Coffee. Not Only will this NOT Kill You or Hurt; it will make you feel amazing for helping out someone in need. Join the Photo Contest This Saturday Night During the Dot.Connector.Podcast Live Show - Winner Gets a Bexx 50mw Green super Laser Join Us Live Every Friday and Saturday Night from 9PM PST - 11PM PST for Dot.Connector.Podcast Live Recording - This Weekend We'll Be Happy a Live Special Guest for Friday and Saturday Night. Check Out the Exclusive Content in Our Podcast Library Subscribe to the Blog and Stay Up-2-Date with Everything Boogie and Bexx Baby! Last but Certainly Not Least - BIGO LIVE I want everyone to know that I have now received my official BIGO Live link. Please go through this link to download BIGO If you've already done so please Uninstall the application, go through the link and download and install it again. The reason is because it really helps me out. Also, you can go to Google voice and get another phone number to install the application again and get two credits for me This would greatly benefit the channel in a way I will never ask for donations again.

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