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Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC]

We Love You All

I'm so glad you added a bunch of co-hosts - I really like your crew. Everything you do makes this show better and better and it makes us all love you more and more. Keep it up bro.

The best show online or off - I really mean that

This really is the coolest show I've ever seen. No, I'm not friends with Booges. He asked us all today to leave him an honest review and here it is. I know a lot of people think that he's showing entities because he thinks they're real or something. You people are dimwits. He doesn't think they're real and he's just making small talk. The things he shows are out of this world strangeness. He's on a whole nother level - this dude is dope like soap on a rope. We loves ya boogie, keep on the keeping on broski

Aliens are stealing all of the water on Earth

When are you going to discuss the aliens that are stealing our water? You know and I know it's the most important thing thing in the world.

Season 4 Begins This Friday the 13th

I can't lie - mama is all gooshy gooshy inside. Big Daddy Boogie makes her all sloppy wet when we talks. I love when you drop f-bombs. If you and bexx are ever done, let a nigga hit that? Can I slide up in that DM of yours? Listen to me - you got me all f**** up boi. Can we please hang out. You live right up the street. I'll let you ride me home when we done? :-) See you this weekend boo - stay sexy!

Boogie 4 President

I'm with that guy over here! Boogie for President, that's the ONLY time I can sign up and agree to see him naked. Full on Monty! :-)

All Hail Boogie Baby!

Boogie 4 President; Getting Head in AirForce1 ... I love that idea. I don't want to watch it but i do love the idea. HHHEEEYYYYOOOO!!!

From Filthydelphia to Lost Angels

You're a world travelers, Pimp, Playa and World-Class Wrecking Crew Podcast Host and Downtempo DJ of the Past. Is there anything else you haven't gotten your hands in and F****d it up? You really are an amazing person Drewski. We discuss you and Bexx and really wish you both the best in life. You two are the only people we know that will succeed in anything and everything you do. You two are very good people and it's very easy to see that you not only succeed because you're good at what you do but you both are just very good people. This is one of the biggest reasons that everyone loves you guys. Please don't ever change. We love love love you both.

Heart Breaker

If you weren't married, and if I didn't love your wife so much - boy you would be mine. You are so F****** fine. You look so good in that new coat you've been rocking in videos. You already know how find you are. I'm pretty sure you're more than aware of how hot you are in that leather coat you've been wearing in all of your new videos. That thing does wonders for you Booges. Please keep on keeping on. Myself and the ladies at work have you hung up in our break room and have coffee with you. hahaha. Take care you beautiful beast you....grrrrroooowwwwlllll!!! xloxoxoxoxxo

Let Keenan Talk More

I know you don't sit there and tell him to shut up but you know how shy that boy is. Let Keenan come out of his shell and talk more. We all love him and we think you chose a great co-host with him He really is great. Keenan if you ever come across this message, go gettem tiger. You are great and you're doing an amazing job. We love you on the show.

The end really is near

Apophis Idunnagivvafuckis - You're so right dude. The end is near but try to get any of these dumpster babies to listen and you've got yourself a challenge on your hands. Fuckem Booges. You will always be the man in my eyes. Take care and we always gocha back my nugga

dope on a rope

I'm not much into the podcast, I'm more into the videos Boogie puts out. All in all this whole thing is tight. Dude seriously gets censored. He only gets like 24 views on some videos and that's total BS. I know damn well, there is NOTHING on his channel that should be getting on 24 views. That is such a crock of shizzy. fo rizzy. We love you Boogie

Keep it Comin

I seriously can't get enough of this show. I'm loving the fact that you guys are streaming 7 days a week now. It's like all of my prayers have been answered. There's definitely a God. I'm positive of it now.

King of Apple

I was just looking at Apple and iTunes, Dot.Connector.Podcast is now like #125 of the funniest podcasts out there man. You guys are killing it for real. Keep up the great work. We are all cheering for you bro

I wanna win that macbook air

Yo Booges, who won the Macbook air? I need a computer so bad and the one you were gonna giveaway is perfect. Let us know. Love you bro - awesome show. I love your videos.


I'm wishing you guys did more live telescope scanning of the Moon like you used to do. I feel like you're not on the scope as much as you used to be old man. I hope you're not getting lazy in your old age. :-0

Your Boy Booges

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I check is to see if theres a new Dot Connector Podcast and if Boogie put out a new video or not.

Funny as hell

This is the dopeness. I never get tired of listening to boogie, the beautiful Mrs. Bexx. Now we've got our main man Keenan and AK on there. I love when Chef comes to visit. I'm a big fan of our girl Imogen Aris. That girl is too dope. Boogie she will give you some shit if you're not careful. I'm sure she's a witch. hahaa. Keep up the dopeness ya'll. I'm fucking loving the new episodes. This is by far the funniest show on air and it's blows your mind with the shiz they show.

The King of Strange

I’m not sure on what planet this guy was born but he’s definitely figured out ours . I’m not sure where I’ve been but I’m absolutely in love with this store

The Home of Strangeness for Real

When you want to listen to things you've simply never heard about - this is it. Allow Bexx and Boogie to take you to another realm and back within two hours - these two are amazing and guaranteed to blow your mind.

I want to have his baby

Dude is dope, his knowledge is top notch and something the world needs to know. This man should be memorialized in history

The Sun, Moon, Stars...they're all fake

I used to think the stars were fake, I used to think this about the entire sky. After finding Boogie Man Channel now I know the shit is fake. One day we're going to find out who is behind this. I can't wait. Two in the pink and one in the stink. We're going bowling.


As always informative

BOOGIE MIGHT NOT BE HIGH but i sure the fuck might be

love the podcast they are some they few people i have ever herd ,just let shit fly right out the mouth that i have thought , and makes me not so crazy !!! keep the strange coming(and i mean the videos not the pussy)

The Boogie Man Cometh

Love love love it! Best content bro. Nobody talks about the things you do! Thank you for helping expand minds.

A concerned citizen

I don't know who the hell we need to speak with over at Apple or iTunes but this couple is where its'at. The voices for the ages. These are the kind of people I want representing me and speaking for me. BOOGIE FOR PRESIDENT. Bexx for hot first lady.


It's simple my dear watson - it's basic arthritismatics (see what I did there?): The boy must be on drugs but if so - his camera gotta be high too? I don't know how these things work but how the hell does he keep capturing this shizz? I just dont'get it.

I want to have boogie's baby

for real- dis show iss dope dope dope as he says.

Like nothing I've ever seen...or heard

Where are these guys from? Evidently there's land beyond the poles so that could be from where. I've always wanted to know who and what are over that way. I think we're safe to assume this is where our boy Boogie is from. It's definitely not a little manger in Bethlehem. Forgive me Lord, for I have Connected Thy Dots. HHHHEEEYYYYYOOOOOO!!!

Creative, information....mind blowing - I've never experienced anything quite like it. This guy is from another dimension.

Mind Blown

I think that everything I know is wrong. I've learned so much from watching the show that now I have so many questions for booges.