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Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC]

The King of Strange

I’m not sure on what planet this guy was born but he’s definitely figured out ours . I’m not sure where I’ve been but I’m absolutely in love with this store

A concerned citizen

I don't know who the hell we need to speak with over at Apple or iTunes but this couple is where its'at. The voices for the ages. These are the kind of people I want representing me and speaking for me. BOOGIE FOR PRESIDENT. Bexx for hot first lady.


It's simple my dear watson - it's basic arthritismatics (see what I did there?): The boy must be on drugs but if so - his camera gotta be high too? I don't know how these things work but how the hell does he keep capturing this shizz? I just dont'get it.

I want to have boogie's baby

for real- dis show iss dope dope dope as he says.

Like nothing I've ever seen...or heard

Where are these guys from? Evidently there's land beyond the poles so that could be from where. I've always wanted to know who and what are over that way. I think we're safe to assume this is where our boy Boogie is from. It's definitely not a little manger in Bethlehem. Forgive me Lord, for I have Connected Thy Dots. HHHHEEEYYYYYOOOOOO!!!

Creative, information....mind blowing - I've never experienced anything quite like it. This guy is from another dimension.

Mind Blown

I think that everything I know is wrong. I've learned so much from watching the show that now I have so many questions for booges.


This show is just amazing. It's not quite the same on podcast audio as it is on youtube but man I just constantly getting my mind blown by this show. Boogie Man and Boogie Bexx are amazing! If you haven't done so already you really need to check out this show....for real!