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April 28, 2022

NASA Whistleblower Tells All About the Secret Space Program

NASA Whistleblower Tells All About the Secret Space Program

He Tells Us Everything We Needed to Know About Antarctica Jump Rooms These Jump Rooms in Antarctica Go Straight to the Moon and Mars The Secret Space Program and Antarctica have so Many Hidden Things to Know DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST by [BMC] If you didn't make it to the show on Friday night I have to admit that you missed out on an absolutely amazing stream. Bexx worked that night so I was doing the show all by myself. But something took hold of me because I was really feeling every moment of that show as I'm sitting in the hot seat and in front of the camera for all of you. NASA Whistleblower tells all Antarctica secret space program moon jump room travels to biblical time welcome to the waters above I started the show of with an oldie but a goodie - a classic Boogie Man Channel video about Mr. Wrenchman - this is a dude i discovered while looking all around the big freezer of Antarctica through Google maps. I found a gang of dead biblical characters floating face down in a lake of blood. Some of these characters had bullet holes the whole way through their body. It was very easy to see the holes and it was even easier to see the blood pouring out of their bodies. Now I'm well aware of the lakes of iron oxide aka rust down in Antarctica from the past. I was always worried that my lake may have been one of those lakes and I didn't want to get the two mixed up. I did everything I could to check the validity of the lake. What I did was I stepped back  in the Google Maps timeline and used their time machine portal to see how long the lake has been filled with said blood and I was right to do so. As I stepped back in the years it became clear to me that the lake had just because blood read in the spring of that same year when the murders occurred. It was easy to see that something tragic had taken place because the lake was also covered with shipping containers and vehicles from some sort of attack on these entities. This was a very violent attack to say the least. These guys had gotten their asses handed to them. Someone wasn't after their goods as much as they were after their blood only. The coolest part about that entire area was the logo on the shipping containers .Only a year before I was shooting the Moon and I had come across a UFO in the Moon's crafter. That UFO had the same exact logo on it's nose as the shipping container down in Antarctica. What are the chances of that relationship? No very good but I'll tell you that it proved we had stumbled upon the secret space program owned and operated by the secret Cabal. There's no doubt in my mind. NASA whistleblowers have come forward with truth regarding jump rooms between Moon and it appears to be like nothing we've ever seen before. It appears to be bodies floating in a lake of blood but others think its just snow. I'll let you all be the judge. In a modern plot twist starting with NASA's secret space program and some mind blowing information about the holographic universe regarding jump rooms to the moon in Antarctica - with a little help from a UFOs and a Shipping Crates that have the same logo on them tells us everything we need to know. Out of nowhere we've gotten some important information when a NASA Whistleblower tells all. This NASA whistleblower spills the truth about the secret space program in Antarctica with jump rooms between the Moon and strange entities of unknown origin times found floating in a lake of Blood while serving in a secret space program- Soon a shipping container and a UFO tells all while in the moon’s crater. What does Mr. Wrenchman - if you haven't met Mr. Wrenchman then just you wait - you will in only a few minutes and when you do all with make total sense., I've discovered a strange relationship between a strange logo on a shipping container and a UFO that I discovered on the Moon in one of the crater' - right on it's edge. It was an absolutely amazing find and I can't wait to show it to you all.

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