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November 02, 2021
NASA Lies, Sun and Moon Simulators, Crafts in the Clouds, Cloaking Tech and Entities Galore

We Uncover More NASA Lies We Find More Space Stations than Anyone Could've Ever Guessed More Birds on Solid Clouds Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC] It's Monday Night and I'm finally getting around to doing Saturday Night's l...

We Uncover More NASA Lies We Find More Space Stations than Anyone Could've Ever Guessed More Birds on Solid Clouds Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC] It's Monday Night and I'm finally getting around to doing Saturday Night's live stream. Not a minute too late and the crowd was loving it. We had a packed house tonight and it was awesome. I've been telling everyone lately that YouTube is playing games with our lives streams, our channel and my sanity to say the least. I work my ass off on this channel and it kills me to do shows for absolutely nobody. I mean nobody. Over the last month there's been 4 times where Bexx and I started the show and there was either 0 or 1 person there to start the show. This wasn't a case of people NOT getting our notifications or getting unsubscribed from the channel. No, this was a case of people literally getting kicked out of the live stream, being blocked and never being able to find out channel ever again. Even if they had our channel saved in their bookmarks. Absolutely  fukcing ridiculous. Google is openly censoring the people of America. We are seeing proof of it everyday and the oversight committees in congress are having a field-day on their asses. I've been getting a kick out of watching those silicone valley nerds getting their asses handed to them by Senators and the likes. It's pretty awesome. Saturday Night Live: NASA Lies, Sun - Moon - Sun Simulator Birds Stuck in Place in the Skies as well as Landing on the Clouds This is Only Part 1 NOTE: Select Here for the Video Version of this Podcast or You can Just Watch it Below!  YouTube has been taking some pretty drastic measures to ensure we not succeed on the platform they're going out of their way to make it an absolute mess. Yesterday I got really pissed about the situation and I tried everything I could to get on top of the situation. In a last minute ditch to try and figure it out I threw every video away I've made over the past 3 years. I cleared my channel out of millions of minutes of video. Almost instantly I was back. The entire channels' traffic spiked by hours and watch minutes I haven't see in over a year. Engagement statistics that were' there before started appearing on the reports. Memberships and subscriptions that weren't there before started appearing out of nowhere. Donations came in out of every direction. Advertising revenue tripled in just a few minutes. My troubles were all over to say the least. I knew it would work and I was so friggin happy it was over. So tonight hen we did our stream we have numbers in there that I hadn't seen since some of the first times we had ever heard of Skydome Atlantis and everyone was in attendance. it was so awesome I could cry. We started out with some of the most amazing images of the sun simulator. This was followed up with some of the best proofs imaginable of the sun simulator and it's realistic place in the sky. If you're unaware that our sun is a technology, close, in the clouds, created by Northrup Grumman, Funded by Taxpayers, Unkept by NASA and Transported by our Favorite Asshats.....Fake X Finally....this thing is looked upon and worshiped  We start with the sun simulator and some of the most mind-blowing imagery and video clips you'll ever see. It proves beyond a shadow of doubt that our sun is a technology and there's nothing else to discuss or even argue about. Next up I show you all some insane amounts of NASA imagery from old STS Missions which I made a collage out of. STS 125, 127 and 135 were the main mission from NASA in the 90s and the source of some of the most telling images you'll ever see. There was one photo in particular where NASA shows us this lady with these giant, gross feet with a weird nail coming out of the middle of the toe. The weird thing is that I was just looking at some of the Native American art where they depicted these same entities! What the frick is going on? The Natives were very keen on the ladder of life.

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