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NASA Insider Turns Whistleblower and Tells All: Symbolism and Numerology

April 27, 2022

NASA Insider Turns Whistleblower and Tells All: Symbolism and Numerology
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When a NASA Insider wants to Start Singing - We All Want to Listen This is the Only Time We Get Any Real Answers Feed Us Oh Great Whistleblower Gods! DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST BY [BMC] When a NASA insider starts hating his job and starts to realize how shitty of an organization NASA truly is. They realize that NASA was literally built by NAZIs and two of the worst NAZIs in existence were placed in charge during their inception after Operation Paperclip. Soon after they realize these things they start singing like a f@cKiNG canary. Their beautiful song is heard round the world until a CIA agent is ordered to shut them up. Occult Symbolism & Numerology The NASA Connection into the Red Vector Chevron in Every Space Agency Logo  That's about the time  you DON'T hear about their accidental death, suicide or mouth, lunch or throat cancer (stage 4 out of the blue) they weren't fighting with takes over and kills them within a week. It never fails, that mouth, throat or lung cancer stage 4 will get you everytime. That's so indicative of someone drinking some nuclear waste at the order of a CIA agent holding a gun. It never fails. This is a short documentary about Bellcomm, a NASA insider discussing the lies and deception of NASA NASA whistleblowers have come forward with truth regarding jump rooms between Moon and Biblical Times - This insider discusses everything from symbology of the NASA logo, the red vector chevron in the NASA logo and all of the space agency's logo - how many even knew about the red chevron - that vector shape along with tons of other space agencies that are using it in their logo and their messages and communications to the public. If you pay attention you'll notice that this chevron and the vector symbology is used in all of the government contractor logos and public messages. It's mind blowing how nobody has noticed until today. This whistleblower discusses things like...NASA's secret space program and some mind blowing information about the little known Mars and Moon jump rooms that go to the Moon in only seconds and then straight to Antarctica in only seconds. This NASA whistleblower and illuminati plant has obvious ties to the freemasons and knows way too much for someone working at NASA and claiming to be a government contractor. No way. He talks all about NASA's secret space program and some mind blowing information about the little known Mars and Moon jump rooms that go to the Moon in only seconds and then straight to Antarctica in only seconds. There are some screenshots from this documentary that i've shared in another post (look out for those) regarding Bellcomm; a nasa whistleblower that tells all regarding occult symbology used in NASA's logo design along with every other space agency's logo design. The red chevron is the ONLY object in the heavens with the power of flight and levitation. You will see the chevron and notice it below almost every cloud, you'll notice it below every craft and ship in the skies, you'll notice those chevrons beflow every moon and sun simulator, You'll notice these chevron strategically placed below everything you need to have in the sky and to have the appearance of the ability of flight. If you haven’t purchased your dome setup to shoot skydome atlantis and continue this amazing work and research then what are you waiting for? Click on the links below in order to purchase the setup your love and let’s get started ASAP. You dont’ now what you’ve been missing - seriously…it’s amazing!!! Dome https://amzn.to/32Dx6QI 10x Magnification Beauty Mirror https://amzn.to/3KMuhhg Black Plastic Bowl https://amzn.to/3KKA0UV I'm sure this is a strange conversation for most of you but when a NASA insider speaks and turns whistleblower everyone should listen. The red chevron and the vector shapes used in the logo may seem small but it's not. but just pay attention to the skies and you'll notice everything I'm telling you. You'll also notice after looking at the logos ...

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