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April 14, 2022
My Best Crack at Creation Outside of Religion and the Bible

This Time I'm Leaving the Bible and Dogma at Home Science, Biology, Botanism, Archeology & Common Sense Join Me as I Either Fail Pitifully or Sail Away with God Himself UP ALL NIGHT W/ BOOGIE MAN CHANNEL - YOU'RE FAVORITE ...

This Time I'm Leaving the Bible and Dogma at Home Science, Biology, Botanism, Archeology & Common Sense Join Me as I Either Fail Pitifully or Sail Away with God Himself UP ALL NIGHT W/ BOOGIE MAN CHANNEL - YOU'RE FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURE I've been working on a doozy for your koozie for months now. In fact it's a nice chunk out of the book I've been working on since I was a kid. This Book is part of my being and part of everything I know and love. I call it, the Book of the Creator after our dear Mother of Creation, the Mother of Mothers, Mother Earth and her whom we all originated. That line may have thrown you for a loop and if it did that means you entered as I told you NOT to enter and that's with preconceived notions, predetermined thoughts, theories and ideas. So go back outside, wipe your feet and try again. I have two amazing additions to our podcast library for you all. Please take a quick look at both of these - one is an audio only podcast and the other is a video only podcast. Both are separate from one another but both go hand-in-hand and are absolutely amazing additons to our unbeatable collection here at Dot.Connector.Podcast. As this weekend was rerun city I had to make it up to you with exclusive titles you won't find anywhere else on the video library through YouTube or Facebook, Reddit or the likes. Your boy Booges has got ya covered - so enjoy!! I SAID ENJOY!!! My Crack at Creation Outside of the Bible and Religion Using Biological Events Like Spontaneous Generation and Others Moving Towards the Creation of Everything! The Sleeping Lady and Her Clues / Answers to What the Earth Actually is NOTE: I'll be sure to make these two additions consistent with an audio version on The Sleeping Lady and a Video Version on My Crack at Creation Outside of Religion and the Bible! If you're here from YT, FB, Insta or the likes - you should know by now that everything you read, think about or learn here on BMC is new - you've never heard it before and you will never hear it again unless its' from my own mouth. If I've figured out how to communicate telepathically by the time you get this message then disregard what I just wrote - I'll beam it into your head like we discussed. Let's move on. I've taken said chunk of book and made a lesson from it that you're really going to need to sit in a quiet place in order to learn where there is no distractions or monkeys flinging poop at one another. I've put together the best thought, theory, idea and hypothesis (onlong the mainstream narrative) I possibly could, checked for errors, expanded where I could and gave you as much back knowledge as humanly possible. If you read this entire page I'll link you in at you won't need to know anything else but this lesson in order to make up your own mind and decision on the matter. On this note: I must pat myself on the back as I did an excellent job and that doesn't happen quite often but it did happen today and you are a witness. You get to bask in the warm glow of perfection and you also get to watch a pioneer you've known since the beginning run across that finish ribbon at the last leg of the race and break through it's beautiful, red sheen and glow. You are welcome world - Boogie and Bexx love you very much. Of course, there's always more to come and it's coming quick. These next few weeks are going to be some of the most eye-opening you've ever experienced in your journey for the truth as to creation, as to our location in the universe. We will learn what a universe actually is and what ours looks like and acts like. We will get to see stars close up, We will get to see what the powers that be are calling stars these days, what they're calling planets and of course what they've done to support those of Dark Waters in keeping our simulation and our construct inhabitable. Our goldilocks zone hasn't changed, it hasn't got off course at all. It's only grown to get better, more inhabitable,

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