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Dec. 15, 2022

Meet Dr. Carl Baugh - Founder of the London Hammer, Creationism at it's Best

Meet Dr. Carl Baugh - Founder of the London Hammer, Creationism at it's Best

Meet Dr. Carl Baugh - Founder of the London Hammer Biosphere, Creator of Giants through Bariatric Chambers, Theologian Founder of Noah's Ark, the London Hammer and Proof Men Walked with Dinosaurs Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC Today we have Ryan Kelly Live on the podcast talking all about the work, research, accomplishments and general and amazing knowledge of Dr. Carl Baugh. Carl Baugh is the lead creationist in the Science community. He's the founder of the London Hammer(my favorite), Noah's Ark, Christian Fundamentalist, theologian, President of Pacific International University, founder of the best proof thus far that men walked with dinosaurs. He's the founder of a technique of healing called the Biosphere which is the mix of EMF, EMP, Bariatric Pressures mixed with aromatherapy, immunotherapy, light therapy and sound therapy, imagine if they could roll all that up into a spliph...Lordave murcee! So so so much more. I'm so pleased to introduce you all to Ryan Kelly, who is pleased to introduce you to Dr. Carl Baugh, lead creationist within the scientific community and one of the most disputed researchers the world has ever seen. Firmament & Crystalline Structure Expert and Founder of Landon Hammer amongst other amazing things. Leading Creationism and Fundamentalist within the Christian Scientific Community. Researcher on work regarding the Firmament, Biosphere, Crystalline Earth, Bariatric pressures & making giants. Founder of the London Hammer. Biosphere, Creator of Giants using Bariatric Pressure Chambers, Creationism and Christian Fundamentalist with the Scientific Community, Founder of the London Hammer & Noah’s Ark, Crystalline Structures of Earth and so much more From proving the existence of the firmament, understanding it's a gas which forces electrons and neutrons to react in a manner never seen before in science; to work in bariatric chambers when mixed with aromatherapy, sound therapy, light therapy and a touch of immunotherapy magic most definitely occurs. Dr. Baugh has single-handedly figured out how giants most definitely roamed this Earth as he made one himself out of a live piranha which he grew to be over 4' in length. This thing got so big it couldn't turn around in his own tank.

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