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April 03, 2022
Make that call; It's the most important call you've ever made.

Because it's Important - the Most Important Call You'll Ever Make It's Never Too Late Until It Is Dot.Connector.Podcast. by [BMC] Death is a weird and tricky thing. Time is even stranger - both have everything to do with e...

Because it's Important - the Most Important Call You'll Ever Make It's Never Too Late Until It Is Dot.Connector.Podcast. by [BMC] Death is a weird and tricky thing. Time is even stranger - both have everything to do with each other and don't exist at the same time. Energy is forever and time is irrelevant in the hands of eternity. Bexx and I have been talking a lot today about life, death, what important and who is important in the big scheme of things. We were at a funeral today that broke our heart to watch as 4 sons and a few ex-husbands were left in the dust as a mother passed away and we all said goodbye...for now at least. Make that Call; it's the most important you'll probably ever make.  It's NEVER too late; until it is! I watched and supported a 20 year old boy turning into a man today. I've known him for 10 years now and today he didn't shed a tear while burying his own mother. I've never been more impressed, more proud and more wondrous about how people can do things like that. He not only stayed with dry eye but he looked handsome while doing it - I was just in awe as he worked the room and tended to guests like it was just another Saturday zipping by. I'm a cyer, I got it from my mother, I know I would never be able to bury her without crying everyone in the church onto their own private boat due to my tears and fears. Here are the three main videos and links you’ll need to follow up on the three main pieces used in this weeks’ podcast. LONGINES CHRONOSCOPE INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD E. BYRD AS THE MAIN SPEAKING GUEST - ANTARCTICA AND OPERATION HIGH JUMP AND OPERATION DEEP FREEZE: White Feather Tarot - Spirit Guides' message on your current situation + advice & next steps! ✨😇 🌞✨ | Pick a card: White Feather Tarot - Your Future: Career, Connections, and Blessings! ✨🔮 😍✨ | Pick a card: It's amazing to watch as those who aren't expected to stay strong, do so without effort. Then we watch others being good at faking their strengths and many are great at faking it all for all the wrong reasons. I've always worn my emotions on my sleeve, I always will. The one commonality about the woman in the casket was that she had burned every relationship she stepped into. She opinionated everyone she loved right out of her life. She nagged, bagged and toe-tagged every loving and healthy friendship into a casket before her own. Everyone who spoke today admitted to their frustration of NOT saying what they wanted to say. They admitted openly their frustrations about NOT fixing what was messed up about their relationship with this woman. Sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends, lovers and haters alike admitted they should have mended what was broken because now it's too late. Make the call - fix what's wrong, because tomorrow it too late. You never know when their day is coming and you don't have anymore time, reason or opportunity to bring what's been lost back from the dead before death comes knocking at the doors of your old friend, loved one or partner. Whatever you were beefing over just isn't worth it any longer, it's not that important - it can be fixed in 5 minutes or less. Forgive, forget and move on - say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done and be done with it because tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. Your ex, your sister, mother, brother, father, friend, neighbor or whoever is waiting for that call - they just don't know it yet. They miss you too, you miss them and it's never too late. Until it is. Make that Call! We'll see you in the next video with much love, respect purposes and intent. Sincerely, Bexx and Boogie ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************** If you haven’t purchased your dome setup to shoot skyd...

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Please be good to one another and of course always be good to yourself.

Please use this opportunity to prepare for the worst and of course always hope for the best.

Always live everyday like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow is promised to no man or woman.