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I Stumbled On a Real Grey Alien Wedding

February 23, 2022

I Stumbled On a Real Grey Alien Wedding
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Which One do you Want to Hear First? It Doesn't Matter Everything is Looking Amazing Right Now! I've Got My Rose Colored Glasses on Today! Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC] This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Click Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || Hot Products / Sizzling Prices || You're boy Booges has got nothing but amazing news and tons of things you really want to hear. So let's get into it already. I dont' want to hold it in another moment. First Things First - We Just Took Our Brand New GoFundMe Campaign Live - Which One? We're putting out a book -the most important book any of you have ever read or even thought could exist! Let's talk about it. Skydome Atlantis - Shooting the Dome 101 and the Customized, Personalized Dome Setup. We are Bringing a Dome to Every Home. We're Not Stopping Until Everyone is Shooting the Dome Telescope Method aka  The Santilli Telescope Method. Santilli Telescope Method: Founded by a jesuit / Vatican Astronomy by the name of Dr. Santilli. To date the Santilli method is the ONLY known and proven, peer-reviewed method for recording and documenting ITE-1 (dark and lite) and well as ITE-2 (dark ad lite) - ITE stands for Invisible Terrestrial Entity. The Santilli Method boasts its' ability to view antimatter and dark matter objects. Objects, entities, structures, places and things. These things are that of Asteroids, Meteors, Magellan Clouds inside or outside of this construct. Dr Santilli is very sure of his method -as he should be.  What Dr. Santilli didn't know was that he was going up against Boogie Man of Dot.Connector.Podcast one day and getting his arse handed straight to him in a beautiful package with a pretty pink bow. We've discovered how to make the process 50% better by doing the research in color with the use of Infrared, Night Vision, Forward Looking Infrared and even Heat Signature. These tools are available to anyone and everyone but they are quite costly. We have still figured out an alternative method of completing the research and continuing it in color without the use of the those filters and special cameras. Not only did we get better results in our research but we did so for a fraction of the price of a Santilli Modified Gallaleao telescope Make a Donation I Stumbled onto a Real Alien Grey Wedding - I Wish I Was Lying About this One  - It's Just So Ridiculous You've got to see this crazy shizz to believe it. Even then you're not going to believe it. :-)  NOTE: Be sure to fast forward it to 11 minutes so you can see the main course - it's a bird flying into this big bulbous grey Alien's head. Just press pla and see this crazy shiz for yourself. Even after that -  you still won't believe it. :-) Next Up.... Invisibility Cloaking Device Found on the Moon and Used for Advanced Cloaking Device Technology NOTE: This one has a lot of good information. If you watch this and you don't learn something then you weren't paying enough attention. Capella - the Disco Star; My Favorite star - It's too bad it's a fake star - God didn't make this NOTE: I have to say this everytime I get onto the topic of fake stars and suck - I'm NOT talking about the stars of ancient times (how could/would I? I'm only 44 years old - I wasn't lucky enough to check those out thoroughly. Maybe next time I'm time warping into the past and go to visit imy Mayan homies. Thank you for the update. Check Out the Audio-Only Version of the Podcast OK I have some amazing new offers for you all to look over from 1 of 2 of our brand new sponsor(s). Yes, we have new sponsors - I'm trying my best to make this shitty little channel into something special, normal and possibly profitable. We shall see.  One day...One day. A Boy can Dream Can't he!! Well until that day comes please meet Blubrry - check out all of the details below. Blubrry Podcast Hosting Account

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This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Click Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || Hot Products / Sizzling Prices ||
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