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We’re heading to the edge of the construct

& Then Back to Earth

Safely we ascend back to Earth without a Scratch

The Edge of Earth, the Great Waterfall, Real Shape of Earth and the Entire Nibiru System w/ Planet X. No matter if you’re fan of the Nibiru system or you fear it’s return, we’ve got information and news about this system I guarantee you’ve never heard or seen before. I used to be infatuated with this planet and the entire solar system. I was waiting for it’s return. Day and night it’s all I thought about. I tracked it down, I made all of the preparation around my home to ensure our survival. I hung off all of the words of the “professional”who thought they really had the inside track about this POS hologram and lie in the ski. It didn’t take me long before I realized that the dates they kept throwing out never met the description they were giving it. This thing never showed up and it never will. I have proof this thing is fake, it’s another lie in the ski and it’s another technology owned and operated by the powers-that-be. IT’s never going to make an appearance and I’m glad. It’s like a blind date that stood me up too many times. Now I don’t want anything to do with the bitch. You can have her.

The Edge of Earth, the Great Waterfall,

Real Shape of Earth and

the Entire Nibiru System w/ Planet X

Check out the audio only version below. You know we got your back baby!

The Edge of Earth, the Great Waterfall,

Real Shape of Earth and

the Entire Nibiru System w/ Planet X

This was an amazing show, it was so good we had to show it twice – hell, we might even show it a third and fourth time. 


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  • IF you’re a planet x hunter that’s been striking out then you’ve wasted so much time. All you have to do was tell me and I would’ve given Nibiru to you on a silver platter. I’ve aways known where she was. I’ve been watching this system for a long time and I thought the hype was over. 10 years I’ve been watching Nibiru and the entire planet x system. Nemesis, Planet X, Nibiru, Herculobus, the Moons and other bodies in the group. I feel really bad for anyone that didn’t know that I was the go-to expert on this subject. I hope I didn’t make you wait too long. I won’t waste time on this stream waiting to give you the answers you were looking for. By the end of this stream you will not only have all of the players in the nibiru system but you will be an expert as to where you thought they were.

If you would like to check some references to the show I invite you to see the links below:
NOTE: These are all of the links you’ll need along with references and research documents. Enjoy!

If we step back to the Sumerians we’re only going to do so that way I can show you that the Sumerians have never ever talked about this planet – never. Then we’ll go look at the hopi and I’ll explain to you there that the hopi were talking about the dog star.

If you like looking at planets, stars, moons, suns and other celestial bodies you’ve never heard of or seen before then Friday night’s stream is going to be a doozie for your koozie. This is going to be 3 straight hours of solid observations of new one in the sky the mainstream is calling anything and everything but it’s real name. You’re NOT going to get me to say it – I don’t want there to be any promotion of this incorrect information.

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Fire in the sky, blue pulsating heartbeats of light – beams of light so tight you would think it’s a laser. It may be. from Lies to the skies, skies filled with lies, high strangeness and everything in between. This is going to be another mind blowing night and the newest episode of Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC – everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure and the hottest visual surrounded by thoughts, theories and ideas. Proof compiled and paired with physics papers, white papers, articles, visual data and so much more. No stone left unturned and no proof not turned in for your review.

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Get ready because Bexx and Boogie are prepared to land in the middle of a packed highway with open containers, tipsy, sunburnt , PO’d and steering with their feet. It’s been a hard days night and their not stopping now. The Dot.Connector Podcast is about to blow wigs back and take selfies along side of your brain splatter.

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See you in the next video

Bexx and Boogie
Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC

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