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This was a little something extra for those shooting the dome If you love the dome then you're going to love this VIP footage We did a paid event for the researchers serious about shooting the dome We made sure you all had the information you needed to make it happen DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST by BMC The Watchers, Fallen Angels & Nephilim Thawed Out in Antarctica  Found in a Lake of Blood - Bi-products of NASA's Secret Space Program and the Jump Rooms Between the Moon, the Past, Present and Biblical Times APPEAR IN THE NEXT SEASON OF KAIDRO COMIC CONTEST BY GADGET BOT STUDIOS You all remember Peggy and Robert - Bexx and I sister and brother. Well, their production studio is having an awesome contest that anyone can enter. You can appear in their next series of their comic Kaidro and frankly I think that's just the Bee's knees, the cat's meow and the Porno Stars sore neck.... The content isn't exclusive to your boy Booges but it would be nice if you would support me. Instead I'm inviting any and all of you to join in. Surprisingly even though they have millions of subscribers on TikTok, they got dick on Twitter. So nobody is joining in...their loss, not ours. The point still remains there is a real chance I could win because there is NOBODY on this contest. I'm loving how shitty Twitter is. Especially for people and companies with millions of followers. You've got to love it. You really do. Well, fuck em if they don't want to join in. The point is this - either back me as your winning horse or join in. Or..both, I really don't care. Yes, I do - back me man!!! I want to be in the comic. Peggy and Robert said I have to win fair in square - that's some lame shiz. Oh Well. Let's see what we can do! Ready.....GO, GO GO GO!!! 🔺 KAIDRO CHARACTER CONTEST! 🔺 Win the chance to get drawn into Episode 3 of #Kaidro: The Awakening. With over 1.3M+ reads, you can be a part of this hype! To Enter: 🔺 Follow @kaidrochronicle on Twitter 🔺 RT & Like **THIS** post 🔺 Tag 3 friends down below pic.twitter.com/qrjLXXLTEN — Kaidro (@kaidrochronicle) Starts: April 15, 2022 In Astronomy News Something Super Exciting is Going on and You're Definitely Going to Want to Hear About it. I've told  you guys about IBEX - its a mapping program paired with the most powerful radio telescope our world has ever seen. It's been released into the universe and its' returning data as it can. This data is the very first 3D images of our universe and they match up perfectly with the Sleeping Lady - the craft our planet is a part of. We are finally getting a good idea of not only where we are at but where other people are at as well. This shit is frigging big. I mean BIG. It appears there's about 4 other solar systems and dozens of planets attached to ours. The milky way is a total POS lie as per usual but the info thats coming out now matches exactly what the ancients knew and were trying to keep memorialized with art, culture, word of mouth, poetry and so much more. Well, it looks like my shot in the dark was absolutely right. When I saw that lazy lady I'm not sure what possessed me to pick her out of the crowd and pursue her sweet sweet curves in hopes our planet was somewhere in her delectable folds and creases. Yes, she's a big woman - I loves me some big women. They love me back, as they should. :-)  Bexx asked me why I picked that particular figurine from out of all of the other megalithic structures, other figurines, artwork, carvings, sculptures and more. It really didn't make any sense. The ONLY thing that compelled me to pursue her was her eyes. The fact that one eye was open like the one I caught in the sky behind the sun that morning during our sunrise shoot Her other eye was sewn shut and that contriged me. I couldn't get enough. I just kept staring at her and studying her nooks and crannies. There were so many things hidden on her and they wee obvious messages and they had a reason they were like this. HER EYES

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