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Can climate change be safely manipulated by the use of geo-engineering in the form of nano-particles?

January 19, 2022

Can climate change be safely manipulated by the use of geo-engineering in the form of nano-particles?
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Author: ​Juan Cilliers Personal identifier: ​Y1927839 Date:​15 September 2014​ Word count:​ 13 706 This was a graduate school thesis written by a genius who just happens to love the show! Yes - we have geniuses who love the show - did you think otherwise? DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST By BMC This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Click Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || Hot Products / Sizzling Prices || Can climate change be safely manipulated by the use of geo-engineering in the form of nano-particles? A Report submitted as the examined component of the Project Module S810 within The Open University’s Master of Science Degree in Science. To Download this Thesis Paper Please Select Here Abstract Nano geo engineering focusing on stratospheric nano particle release utilizing Photophoretic levitating nano particles (Pl-np) appear to be a feasible method for stabilizing and even reducing global warming within a ten to twenty year period from initial deployment. Pl-np fallout was calculated for an annual deployment rate of 108kg/y with a release period of one thousand years and in a situation where no natural leaching occurs. Both evenly and concentrated Pl-np fallout distribution scenarios combined with the existing natural geological occurrence of these elements in topsoil were then analyzed. This methodology enabled me to create a worst case Pl-np fallout accumulation scenario in topsoil, which I then used to quantify any effects Pl-np fallout may have on the world’s most important staple food crops. The Pl-np nano components analyzed as fallout were Al, Al2O3, BaTiO3 and Fe3O4. Three of the components Al, Al2O3 and Fe3O4 which would accumulate in the top 5cm of the A horizon of topsoil as fallout, appear to have no detrimental effect on the growth potential of the three main global staple food crops namely maize, wheat and rice. Accumulation effects on agricultural crops for the fourth nano component, BaTiO3 is currently an unknown factor and have not been adequately researched by the scientific community, therefore its effects on most food crops are currently unknown. Due to this lack of pre-existing information for BaTiO3 affecting plant growth, TiO2 has been substituted which form one of the breakdown components of BaTiO3. This sub component of the Pl-np particle, TiO2 also proved to pose no discernible risk to the three main staple food crops. With the exception of nano BaTiO3 for which more research are required, Pl-np fallout does not appear to pose a discernible risk to the three main global staple food crops over the next thousand years. Objectives Identify feasible methods of stratospheric nano geoengineering and mathematically analyze potential nano particle fallout scenarios on topsoil over a period of 1000 years. Identify and quantify other potential stratospheric sources of identical nano particle fallout that can lead to topsoil contamination. Assess the effects of geo engineered nano particle fallout on mayor agricultural staple food crops and propose remedies that can negate any negative or toxic effects. Access how governance can and will affect the science of nano geoengineering using stratospheric released nano particles. Access the evidence and comment on whether nano geoengineering should be used for climate modification. To Download this Thesis Paper Please Select Here Contents Introduction Analysis of ‘Photophoretic Levitating nano particle’ (Pl-np) fallout combined with natural geological levels in topsoil. 2.1 Method for calculating Pl-np fallout. 2.2 Methodology for Pl-np fallout calculations. 2.3 Graphical representation of calculated results. ​2.4 Main trends observed. Discussion 3.1. Other sources of stratospheric nano particle fallout affecting topsoil. ​3.1.1 Desert dust ​3.1.2 Solid state rocket propellant ​3.1.3 Volcanic eruptions ​​3.1.

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This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Click Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || Hot Products / Sizzling Prices ||
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