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March 20, 2022
Boogie Down Fridays - With Your Baby Bexx and Your Boy Boogie

With Your Baby Bexx and Your Boy Boogie Join the Fam Bam for More Amazing Conversation and Unbelievable Visuals DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST by BMC is at it Again and Ready to Break it All Up for Everyone Who Cares to Join This ...

With Your Baby Bexx and Your Boy Boogie Join the Fam Bam for More Amazing Conversation and  Unbelievable Visuals DOT.CONNECTOR.PODCAST by BMC is at it Again and Ready to Break it All Up for Everyone Who Cares to Join This weekend was the bomb, Bexx was finally out of the hospital and she joined us on a wild adventure of fun, lots of shit talking and non-stop-laughs. We got wild, we got silly and we got out of our minds for a little while and straight up crazy just for the sake of being crazy. There really was no stopping us. Boogie Down Friday w/ Your Hosts - Bexx and Boogie - High Strangeness at it’s Very Best. The week was a really bad start - I had court on Tuesday for that never-ending gun charge I keep having to revisit every week. I then realized when I arrived on Monday that the 15th wasn't until Tuesday, the very next day. I would've killed to stay in bed just a few more hours that morning but the option just wasn't available - fuck court....seriously. They make you rush there in order to make you sit and wait until they're fat, slow, asses are finally ready for you. I love doing the podcasts by myself at times but there's really nothing like have Bexx there to fire jokes off of back n' forth every once in a while. Bexx really is the best co-host an ape like me could ask for. I really did have a blast last night and I'm so glad Bexx was there in order to share in the fun. She's just been so busy this last week that I couldn't nail her down for a few minute to get her to commit to a night or two of co-hosting on the podcast. I begged and begged but nothing seemed to work out for us or the scheduling. It was impossible. Happy Friday my beautiful people of the podcast world, the video world that killed the radio star - the physical and spiritual world...and beyond. This is your boy Booges and this is going to be your big dose of high strangeness on this beautiful Friday night. Everything I've mentioned in the video's title is something we have actual video and images of - thank's to NASA and a handful of STS missions from the 1990s. By the end of this stream you will know all about the holographic canopy.You'll understand what is holographically projecting the lies in the skies. You'll understand the waters above and where they are, what they look like an better yet - you'll get to see some amazing photos and videos of the waters above. You heard all of that correct - we found the firmament - it appears that Earth has two. One of the firmaments is just the holographic canopy of the planet. Just like the Moon has. Next We've got that snake Lucifer in our cross hairs - he's not going anywhere quick now. That guy has caused far too much problems in this past - this has to end, he has to end. Just when you thought NASA did nothing but lie; you unfortunately forgot that they love to leave truth in plane site. This is exactly what they've been doing since the very beginning of their inspection. I've been diving into tons of old NASA footage and I've confronted with nothing but piles of truth all of you missed. In this very special Boogie Down Friday we are going to take a look at a pile of evidence brought to you by the people you've learned to hate and shut out. Unfortunately because you shut NASA out of your life, out of your research and out of your mind you've done nothing but miss the Easter Eggs they've left just for you. If you haven’t purchased your dome setup to shoot skydome atlantis and continue this amazing work and research then what are you waiting for? Click on the links below in order to purchase the setup your love and let’s get started ASAP. You don't’ know what you’ve been missing - seriously…it’s amazing!!! ******************************************************************************** Dome 10x Magnification Beauty Mirror Black Plastic Bowl ************************************************

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