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Aug. 29, 2022

Ye are Gods; Ye are creators of all. Why do we allow them to continue breathing?

Ye are Gods; Ye are creators of all. Why do we allow them to continue breathing?

Ye are Gods

Ye are Creators

Ye are Rulers

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Together we are king, together we are God, together we are whatever we want to be. Together we have the power of Zeus, we have the power of an unstoppable force. We hold the keys, we make the rules. Why do we sit here waiting, wanting? Why do we pretend we are less powerful than we actually are? What's with this never ending game of pretend? I'm frankly tired of it. I'm tired of sitting and waiting for it all to go the way we know it should've always went from the beginning. We are the God's we pray too. We are the creators we search for and more.

Power in numbers - ye are gods, ye are creators?
Why are they breathing? What are we waiting for?

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Jesus tried to tell us all of this and more when he said "Ÿe are Gods."He truly knew our importance. He knew that we were playing wounded duck in the cut waiting for better days to be handed to us. He knew all we had to do was work together in order to take the tomorrow we deserve. Ye are Gods is the most true statement I've ever heard and should be printed on a t-shirt so you remember who you truly are and your possibilities in life. The Sky is the Limit and that's ONLY because it's a physical barrier in the way of us moving higher than anyone could've ever thought.

Look to your left and look to your right. Those people in your life are just as important as you are. You're not above anyone and you're certainly not below anyone. Money, jobs, cars, positions of power, advantages, disadvantages don't determine who you are. These material things and Earthly objectives aren't the person you are. They don't determine your possibilities or your future. The documentation of your past is only there so ensure you don't make the same mistakes twice.

Be sure of yourself, be sure of your counterparts and those in your support system. Be uplifting in speech and action to yourself and to your surrounding counterparts. Your partners need you as you need them. Don't Fall into the darkness of thought. Don't paint yourself into a corner with labels which aren't fitting to you. Don't allow others to determine who you know you truly are and who you can be. Uplift others and they will lift you up on their shoulders as well. Understand we are all in this simulation together and one day we will all walk out of the exit together. The signs are all around and waiting to be read, waiting to be understood. Keep your eyes peeled for the sign that says "ËXIT"and make sure to write down the directions to the arrow for which it points.

We'll see you all in the next video and the next live stream.

Bexx and Boogie Out!