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Oct. 4, 2022

Whats Up with the Dome when a Rocket Launches and Supposedly Hits it? How is all of this possible?

Whats Up with the Dome when a Rocket Launches and Supposedly Hits it? How is all of this possible?

What's Up with Rockets Hitting the Dome(s)?

How Can a Rocket Pass through an Indestructible Dome?

What About the Waters Above? How does the Waters Above Fit into All This?
We had a question from a subscriber today in the comments section that we see pretty often. I try my best to answer it everytime I see it but honestly I see it so much it gets fucking boring to answer it everytime. There comes a time that the subscribers need to try their best to find available answers on their own from the chats and from the comments section and use it to answer their own questions Knowwhatimean?

The Question (Steve J):
If the rocket hits a dome, how does the human-contained modular go into orbit? And how is the dome not broken and shattered for all eyes to see?

Response Z (Jared Satterfield):
Nasa is the largest consumer of helium in the world. So that may answer a lot of questions you may have about orbit.

Response A (Boogie):
First and foremost, the dome (s) are well past the ISS (on the 3 main track systems). The ISS (there are A LOT of them, so you'll need to figure out which one you're referring to); they are scattered about the construct for the soul purpose of appearing to onlookers (ourselves) from Earth that they have a clear and open road with no obstacles. In reality, this is a scaled model whose main job and objective is to convey the thought of technological supremacy here in the realm. In reality, those models aren't big enough for riders of human size and have been here since the days of creation.

They operate via AI (the God System) and the track systems and run like subway cars in the city, with a very tight schedule that cannot be broken or delayed at this point. It would take an act of God (the system) to bring them down. These cheap RC cars on tracks are a gift from the handlers, whose main objective is to use them as set dressers for the sole purpose of offering a backstory to the new tenants (us-we the sheeple) with an all-you-can-digest-buffet of human origin stories, which all end at the fire in Alexandreia. All the stories somehow intertwine with the same characters that offer their own backstory, but if you ever take the time to check their resume, it all ends the same, in the same place, against the same fire. None of it, and I mean none of it, checks out when combed with the thistles of a brush much more fine and dense than usually offered or used for the same task. These backstories are no match for a fine-tooth comb and a researcher with half the determination of what this realm is used for. Heck, a dead researcher could uncover the shoddy backstories these handlers have put together. Half-assed is a word I used to describe the stars; the back wall we call the universe; the holographic planets; the plaster of Paris Moon; the glow-in-the-dark nebula; the LED light and xenon light "supernothings"; and the list goes on and on. These "builders"did NOT care and still to this day don't seem to care. Half of the stars in the sky are nothing more than Christmas string lights with burnt out bulbs that are still there to this day even though they burned out before anyone you know was even born. People ask me all the time how shooting stars are possible in this holographic and simulated construct, and I tell them, "It's easy with all of the electrical fires they have up there." You really have got to see for yourself how many non-operational string lights are up there. all of them (no exaggeration).

Response B (Boogie): In short, I'm not a believer that rockets hit any dome. I'm not on board with that. If it did, however, hit the dome, I would say that the dome it hit is one of two of the man-made domes which are on either side of the waters above (above and below). In my opinion, it could hit those two all day every day and it wouldn't make any difference. They serve almost no purpose except for the holographic canopy, which is holographically projected onto those two sheets of glass (per se). I hope this short answer assists you in your studies.

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