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Dec. 28, 2022

We're scrapping our channel and starting over - I bet you didn't even notice

We're scrapping our channel and starting over - I bet you didn't even notice

We're Rejecting Our YouTube Channel

furthermore, We're Beginning Once again Without any preparation

We're Staying quiet about it, We're Transforming this into a Game

We need to know what amount of time it will require for us to return to this degree of supporters
What's happening here is a prologue to your new most loved show, your new most loved individuals, your #1 hosts with the most. We're beginning once again on a fresh out of the box new channel, with a pristine mentality and a spic and span assortment of co-hosts to help us en route as we explore from your screen squarely into your psyches and straight into your souls. Our aphorism is a simple one to handle and understanding. Assuming you listen carefully and your eyes, we'll return your mind....blown!!! It truly is that straightforward and viable. Like truth, the world is straightforward - advancements aren't quite as cutting edge as we give them credit for and you're d*** isn't as large in that frame of mind as it thoroughly searches in the mirror. The world is uncovering insights it's never wasted time with. Those insights are ones that we'll be passing right back to you to guarantee you saw them the initial time. It's quite reasonable that you be embarrassed, humiliated for, nauseated and furious as we are the point at which we notice these things that have bene before your face this whole time.

How can a flat sky like this that's disc-shaped

Serve a globe, a ball or round Earth? 

Just saying it out loud sounds ridiculous!

If it's not appearing correctly for you on your screen you can see it directly here:

The end is upon us &

so is the ascension

we've all been waiting for

If it's not appearing correctly for you on your screen you can see it directly here:

We're giving the boot to our old channel

& starting over from scratch

Join us in the journey

If it's not appearing correctly for you on your screen you can see it directly here:

This show isn't one that can without much of a stretch be made sense of. The explanation is on the grounds that the subjects, the insights and the untruths that we reveal day to day can only with significant effort be made sense of. They absolutely can't be pinpointed, caught in foreknowledge and they most certainly can't be anticipated or effectively comprehended. This has been our issue starting from the start.

We're NOT a paranoid idea channel, we're to a greater extent an intrigue reality channel. We're more than all of that simultaneously. We're comics, we're companions, damnation - one of the young ladies on here is my better half. We've been together for very nearly 20 years and she's my dearest companion. As a matter of fact, she's the ying to my yang, the ding to my dong and the asian sensation herself....Mrs. Boogie Bexx.
She's one terrible mammajamma. She's the honey bees knees, she's pretty much amazing and she's everything except single, so keep your eyes and your uninvolved.
We will have loads of fun on this show. We will gain some significant experience yet for the most part, we will ignore our a$$e$ and no subject is off the table. This we Guarantee you.
Haven't arrived to honk our own horns, our shows will most certainly represent themselves. Consider this video a little acquaintance and a warm up with what you can fundamentally anticipate that in the large numbers of shows should come.

The justification for why we don't have a library here on YouTube is on the grounds that we've erased it. Our show was beginning to go down a way not even one of us we're maintaining that it should go down. the explanation isn't a direct result of any of the co-has settling on those choices but since of this show being a prior show that was run and worked by Bexx and Myself. The last year of the show I expected to conclude it and this is when everybody began to join our group. Now that I realize these co-has are just about as amazing as I hopeed there's no great explanation to proceed with that old show any more and there's not an obvious explanation to torment those people any more. I've chosen to begin new with all of the co-has and offer them the chance to shake the mic. This is the thing they've been requesting since the earliest reference point so this is we're going to's specialty. This is authoritatively the same amount of their show as it is Bexx and myself.

Thus, welcome to the pristine, and significantly improved, Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC or whatever the hell we'll all choose to call it now. I have no clue about everything the future will hold however I will say to you this - it will be loads of tomfoolery and mother truckin magnificent. This I can guarantee you.

So, sit back, my good friends and enjoy the ride!

This is only a couple of the large numbers out there that exist and that we make an honest effort to refresh and transfer new happy excessively on the day to day. Obviously we don't yet that doesn't mean we will not. Thus, make certain to buy in and keep awake to-date with everything Boogie and Bexx Child. We'll stay in contact quickly. We'll address you all straightaway. Fare thee well!

Bexx and Boogie Out!