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July 28, 2022

We're Now Officially Hosts on BIGO Live aka The BIG Olive

We're Now Officially Hosts on BIGO Live aka The BIG Olive

also, You can be Too
Assuming that you're keen on making butt heaps of money
You like to make content as I do
On the off chance that you like working at whatever point the damnation you feel like and disdain having a chief
I have the truly amazing line of work for you
A large number of you realize how stirred up I am about another gig I've gone through lately. I needed to try out for this job and I packed away the gig. I'm not an authority have on a virtual entertainment application called "BIGO LIVE"through my office called "Recipe Aptitude." My organization is perfect, my gig is perfect, the compensation is perfect, my colleagues are people I picked from Boogie Man Channel; they're all dear companions whom I appreciate spending time with at any rate. So It's ideal that not exclusively are they co-has but at the same time they're my companions and associates now. Indeed, I've offered them the chance to develop into a similar position I have with their own channels and they're own revenue source and I'm going to offer a similar astounding an open door to whoever is sufficiently shrewd and fortunate enough to peruse this blog. I genuinely feel awful for the fucknuts who pass this blog

I marked an agreement with an online entertainment application organization. This is the very organization that claims TikTok and they love me - they have requested that I select substance makers such as myself to be true has on the application such as myself and Bexx. On the off chance that you or anybody you know is keen on gushing consistently these individuals pay fat as fcuk. truly this is certainly not a misuse of your time nor is this an open door that you ought to push aside and dismissal. I'm offering you an opportunity; an extraordinary opportunity to pull in upwards and overabundance of $35k a month reliably. This all relies on how serious you accept the open door and serious you play the game.

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Check out the audio only version of this podcast - we got your back baby!!


If you would like to download the episode be sure to follow the directions above just below the player. 

I assure you I wouldn't pull your leg on something like this. I'm very happy with my current situation and you will be too. They allow us a ceiling of $35k a month that's just in base pay - your donations and tips have no ceiling. This means you can clear right past $35k and the sky's the limit (as they say). The app and all hosts on it are very transparent and your current wallet along with it's contents are public and in the eye of anyone who cares. There are PLENTY of hosts on that platform who have over $3 million acquired while using the app in the host position of the app. The same position and role you will be taking on. There's no reason why you can't be the person who's saved up $3+ million. I saw someone just the other day who was NOT the top the hosts on the platform and they had over $12 million.

You or anyone interested can call me at: 6265154125
NOTE: My name is Andrew in case you didn't know. The channel is Boogie Man Channel - You'll hear this when you call on the voicemail so I wanted to warn you so you didn't get spooked and run off without leaving a message. 

FYI: I've installed "voicemail"features all over the site in the right sidebar so you don't' have to call me. You just need to leave a voicemail message on the site and it will come straight to my email and my phone. It's That simple.

I want to be clear - I haven't made $35k yet but it's my goal. I dont'want to blow smoke up anyone's arse. :-)

I've only been on the app for less than a week so I haven't had the opportunity to really made hardly any money. I have gotten a crazy amount of donations since I've been on the app. To be honest I've almost caught up to what I've received on Youtube over a 5 year period because the people on there are cheap as fuck. I'm talking about you YouTube and the people on it - you're cheap and don't tip. Then you all have the nerve to complain when I ask for donations and try to put a typically cheap person technique and say something childish like "the truth should be free" - only a cheap ass kike would say that - take that jew shit somewhere else ya penny pinching dumpster baby.

anyways...let's get back to it....

Bexx and I are streaming on there now nightly. We've turned our channel into a "behind the scenes channel"so if you'd like to check out our show follow the link below, download it and then add: BOOGIEMANCHANNEL to your friend

Here is my personal link to download the app and add me to your friends list:


The last three days we've been getting A LOT of micro quakes and tremors almost all day long for a perfect 72 hours. This is the same way it acted before the the big Northridge quake back in 1994 - it was a nasty 6.7 that devastated the horizon here in SoCal. When I say nasty, I mean F***** nasty. To this day the Northridge quake is one that will never be forgotten in the minds and memories of the SoCal residents, me included. I've never witnessed movement of the Earth quite like what we witnessed there. I