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July 14, 2022

We totally destroyed it on Facebook

We totally destroyed it on Facebook


Not Bad for Two People Who Could Care Less

I'm so happy to report we've taken truth channels to the next level


It's the ideal opportunity for some gloating - it's all together. I let you know folks last post that I had dominated the calculation for Facebook and for Youtube. From that point forward I've hit my unequaled high in a 3-multi month hurry to perceive how high I could get. I'm glad to report a 2 million view include in just 7 days. Top that that!

In addition to the fact that I hit 2 million I did it in 7 days and with ONLY 38k supporters. Where the F*** is my honor at individuals?

This post is committed to the showcasing chiefs that thought I wasn't all sufficient to enlist. I let you know that you were going with some unacceptable individual. In the event that I can hit 2 million perspectives in 7 days on a subject that doesn't exist, with 100 percent hindered and boycotted catchphrases - I can hit 2 million perspectives on any single watchword you give me. I can do it in significantly less time and I can do it with my eyes shut. Assuming you picked somebody other than me for your group for web-based entertainment, for content creation, for SEO, SEM and each other appealing position....I don't think I want to let you know how gravely you messed up.

As a mic drop I've eradicated my recordings in general, my posts as a whole and my reels in general. In the event that I can't bring in cash off of it - no one can. F*** You Facebook, F*** You YouTube...I'm going to Bigo where they don't blue pencil you, they don't attempt to come up short on you, they don't lie, they don't cheat or take. Best of all they disdain American Businesses for the equivalent reason(s) I do. America - you're truly F**** up and I don't think I want to tell you - you truly need to comprehend that you have only Karen's straight out of school Brandons actually residing at Mom's home maintaining your business and the work environment is transforming into a spot that isn't genuine, it's plastic and right now in the latrine because of this reality. Keep it up and getting worst is just going.

How YOU NEED TO Respond
Eliminate the excess, cut the BS and talk from the heart on posts. Recall the human - quit utilizing AI. Facebook is utilizing the most awful AI known to man - it can scarcely peruse and it's rebuffing content makers for no really great explanations by any stretch of the imagination. I caused problems multiple times in one night....

  • I called a pixie a pixie in the remark segment. It was a pixie NOT a gay person. (30 days discipline)
  • I told a person something in a video was NOT a wasp since it had no stinger, I didn't know what it was nevertheless he was focusing on some unacceptable piece of the video. (30 days discipline)
  • I told a person I planned to report his video and "explode it for him"and this was called terroristic dangers (30 days discipline)

multiple times in a single evening - not a solitary one of them were motivations to be in a difficult situation and I've wracked up 90 days of not having the option to bring in cash. This is the ninth time simply this week I've caused problems for ill-conceived reasons and have had my capacities of bringing in cash on their foundation disavowed. You can't contact anybody from this BS oversight board, You can't say anything negative to anybody. You can't get any assistance or backing. The spot is a debacle. I'm finished with YouTube and their oversight BS. I'm finished with FB and anything that the damnation is happening there. I'm finished. I can't endure anything else. These spots aren't adequately great to me to tolerate that poop. They behave like they are offering some kind of method for bringing in cash that a lot of people aren't offering nowadays. Eat a dick Zuch and whoever the damnation claims YouTube...same thing dumpster infants. I'm out.

You invest more energy in Facebook Jail then you do having the option to make content and bring in cash. No one is inept Zuch, You're utilizing this FB prison BS and your phony ass Oversight Board as a method for undermining your substance makers and come up short on them for good and difficult work. Take a gander at your video library - it's poo. It's recordings planned so happy makers can really make a respectable compensation and keep people watching recordings. It's bad satisfied. It's the most rodent ass poo I've at any point seen. It was so natural for somebody like me with my substance to dive in there and take 2 million perspectives in seven days. Your watchers are DYING for even fair happy not to mention great video. You truly need to change your poo ass AI and bunk ass calculation.

This is my last update on the trial. It's currently finished. I have a tryout on Saturday to be have on the Bigo stage where NO CENSORSHIP and BS happen. No BS copyright poop. Keep all that and push it.

Boogie Out!