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Aug. 17, 2022

Understanding the Construct and Our Place within the Simulation: Dome Sweet Dome

Understanding the Construct and Our Place within the Simulation: Dome Sweet Dome

Understanding Our Place in the Simulation

Dome Sweet Dome

Walking Within the Garden Hand-in-Hand with the Creator

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
This may seem like a general topic to a lot of you, especially those of you that have been following along with the channel for a long time. I can't say I blame you for thinking it but I assure you we're going to get really in depth tonight and show more proofs than we've shown in a while. I've packed as much stuff into this show as humanly possible and I'm not letting up until brain matter covers the walls in a nice Earth tone layer. Tonight is going to be a lot of information we've all seen before but I'm going to be better about covering the information as I should've last time. I'm going to walk through frame by frame on a lot of things to ensure it's implanted into your mind as it should've been from the get go. We're really going to drive it home tonight. So get ready and come with your thinking caps on; nice and tight.

Understanding the Construct and Our Place within the Simulation; Dome Sweet Dome

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The Sun
We find ourselves stuck in Groundhog Day; everyday bleeding into the last. A blur of existence. No separation between day and night except for the excessive heat the light brings with it. Is it the sun that supplies that heat or does the heat come from below? I've always wondered. When we complain about the heat it's not the heat from above that causes uncomfortableness - it's the pulsating heat that rises from the blacktop, the cement, from the metal of our cars, the synthetic materials we use to give things their sleek looks and feel. Everything seems to be hot except for the Sun itself. Is this what "GreenHouse" means? The UV rays of the sun beat down the Earth below, the ground absorbs the sun's rays and slowly releases the heat throughout the day. The heat of course ventures up to us, starting at our feet and lingering all around our bodies.

The Moon
The Moon doesn't control the high and low tide - if you ever need to prove this all you have to do is look at the lunar calendar and compare it to the high and low tides. The high and low tides happen like clockwork everyday no matter where the position of the Moon may be. The Moon is visible 24 days of the month no matter how many days there are in the month. Meaning; whether there are 28 or 31 days in a month, the Moon is only visible 24 of those days no matter what. How can something be responsible for the tides (which are mechanical in nature) which work with a precision nature everyday at the same times of the day when the Moon is anywhere around those areas or even in the same areas during the month? The high and low tides are so predictable that you can look up their schedule right now months in advance. The same is with the Moon but the Moon won't be in it's same position tonight as it was last month, or the month before that, or the month before that.

We're told we are special but everyday you we show signs of being so unspecial it's ridiculous. Are we to truly believe we are missing two chromosomes when there's no proof of it whatsoever? Where did this lore originate? Why would I believe something this wild that I just cant prove? I too, like many others want to believe in the unbelievable. I want to grab hold of the amazing and the impossible but even I need proof before I can jump head first into something so wild. Even I need some tangible evidence before I can chew and swallow such a jagged pill.

Human Origin
There's signs all around us of human origin, of our ancestors, of ancient times and technologies but how real is this stuff? How do we know these things haven't just been placed there to appease our wonder? To calm our questions and the constant poking and prodding we do on a daily basis? It's called Set Dressing Theory and it's the belief that entities of higher intelligence didn't get involved with our ancient ancestors but instead made it appear we had ancient ancestors to make us believe we've been here for much longer than we actually have.

Set Dressing Theory (aka Simulation Theory)
What would be easier: Building a few pyramids to give the impression of 90 million Mayans, living, thriving, dying and disappearing without a trace or raising 90 million Mayans and making them disappear without a trace?

My point is matter how you swing it - we're inside of a simulation. How we got here and why is the important questions we need to tackle. We need to cover and understand simplicities of our Sun, our Moon and then tackle the complexities of our human origin later. We need to find out if leaving is a possibility and then we need to tackle the task of actually walking out that exit.

Join us tonight at 9PM PST to 11PM PST as we do just that. We are going to tackle the amazing and the impossible. We going continue doing this on the nightly and I hope you will join us every step of the way.