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Jan. 7, 2023

Thoughts and Theories About the Atlanteans

These incredible lines of text are brought to you by our own Jahara Li

This is a mind blowing prologue to one of our most current co-has on the show

Assuming you believe she's fascinating and her considerations and hypotheses are astounding, hold on until you get to see her, in actuality. [BMC]
OK the primary email I sent you a couple of moments back was simply me being hindered in light of the fact that I believe it's amusing to self engage yet here's one of my hypotheses: Utilize that they are doing particularly with these animation planes that are blowing Chemtrails which, to make sure you know I'm not fixated on the Chemtrails I recognize that I am aware of them, I don't fixate on them,..but there is something to them. The planes are either holographically anticipated, we can't see them totally when we record them they seem to be kid's shows... Furthermore, the sky resembles a green screen, in a manner of speaking, yet it's a blue screen for us, and anything that it is they're accomplishing for us to not see, has to do with utilizing light bowing innovation, or modifying the light, similar to how they're evidently reflecting it back into space to forestall an Earth-wide temperature boost despite the fact that, an unnatural weather change better believe it they're presumably mirroring light that would permit us to see on a higher Range for additional frequencies anyway all that works, Which would permit everybody to see them or see the following Earth being brought into the world of this one as it makes a duplicate of itself, and for what reason wouldn't it. At the point when individuals have kids they're making duplicates of themselves. Who is to say the Earth doesn't have youngster and make a duplicate of itself, split and recover into a lot of additional cells just to bite the dust and continue to create more .. also, since we are alive during the finish of the schedule and the start of the upgraded one we can see the peculiarities ourselves.



Perhaps the Earth is passing on or reproducing another earth or needs to resurrect into another Earth. Or then again perhaps it's doing every one of the 3. It's being brought into the world while kicking the bucket while resurrecting into a duplicate of itself. Furthermore, you could either be on the withering Earth which will be this one soon, or as of now kicked the bucket in 2012 Haha we should simply say and we're in a holding cell resembled on the duplicate of the earth that is the reason we have the Mandela impact . Since Earth is as of now parted however we were alive when it worked out, so we're only sort of in an in-between state until we bite the dust, and it's not the reverse way around when you pass on you can wind up in an in-between state. Which I'm in a real sense simply considering this I'm composing it. Be that as it may, all that about Earth was in reverse everyone's adoring Satan dreams should be not genuine sticks and stones might break your bones yet words can never hurt you despite the fact that there's recurrence in words and they in a real sense affect you. Get my float everything was in reverse... so perhaps the genuine limbo is the second that we are at right this present time Limbo is the opportunity between the finish of the schedule and the start of the upgraded one. Assuming it's valid assuming the World's populace is what it is and it's never been that high from what they probably know perhaps that is on the grounds that that is what judgment is everyone winds up sort of being here simultaneously where the World's populace gets so huge of the relative multitude of various individuals who have resided here again and again we as a whole close to the end and arriving simultaneously and afterward that is the point at which it's gauged out of who will go where yakkity yak you going to New Earth would you say you are remaining on Old Earth? Or then again would you say you will go to Clone earth?

Perhaps the choice of what course the earth heads down itself has to do with the gauging of the spirits of each and every individual who has been on it immediately and to see where that's what our cognizance is and that is the point at which it straightens out some go or even short of what them go and most of us go one way or the other the earth will do what it's planned to do . . be that as it may, we are here sort of possessing this house, until our next one is prepared as far as we're concerned to move in, and the following tenants are now taking a look at the spot.. like in the holding cell until we get put and that is the reason things are bizarre here presumably beginning to become pervaded with elements need to get some land here yet you realize we're actually residing in the house so to talk yet they're like coming and looking at the house while we live in it since we will be moving soon or something to that effect Haha I don't have the foggiest idea how the atlantean dropped. Or on the other hand you can go to the Earth simply being conceived, fresh out of the plastic new earth .. or on the other hand you can go to the earth that is a duplicate.

 Earth since we are brought into the world of this one however we were brought into the world at not just the finish of an age and are beginning another age yet toward the finish of the schedule and beginning another schedule by and large that just occurs .. so do we stay on old Earth or go to new Earth yet new earth is new. Next life will not have innovation however we will be on a higher otherworldly level yet toward the start of that cycle. Or on the other hand we can presumably decide to remain here. Or on the other hand perhaps not perhaps we don't get a decision perhaps we simply continue on and individuals like say the atlanteans, and I'm not saying this happened to them yet say they truly were on a negative Street or potentially perhaps it's exactly the way in which everything moved perhaps it was the job of the dice for them in any case I don't think they made it over assuming that that is the situation ...and that is the reason we have this multitude of tales about them falling in the water and presently they're SpongeBob Square Jeans in it at the lower part of the ocean type crap in a figurative approach to telling it...they needed to remain on the earth that this world shed. Since Mass cognizance of the Atlanteans and individuals who Earth came likewise concur that you accept that there is a world inside our reality on top of our reality that we can't see that has been there the entire time and there's presumably one beneath us as well.. one underneath that one and beneath that one and underneath that one and the Climb is that you continue to bounce from one Earth to another as they continue to construct Earth on top of Earth on top of Earth. Also, perhaps a few more elevated level creatures were not being excellent and they're getting threw on to this world. Or on the other hand perhaps it's the duplicate of where most of them will go which is here and we will go to a duplicate of this World elsewhere I intend what else are we going to do Haha at any rate great night sorry in the event that there's mistakes I'm with one contact focal point in and I'm worn out Haha converse with you all soon