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Sept. 9, 2022

The Waters are Receding, but the Days of Noah are Returning

The Waters are Receding, but the Days of Noah are Returning

Water leaves, human origin appears

The days of Noah are coming back

Does this mean the Nephilim, Fallen Angels and the Watchers will Return as Well? 

Let's Hope Not!

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
As the waters recede in front of our eyes we are witnessing mankind's true origin and a land and time that was lost during the days of Noah and the great flood.

It's said that the grand architect opened the heavens and poured down massive amounts of water to wash away the sins of man. It's not my place to say whether it worked or not but one thing's for sure; the story of human origin is being found all around us in the current days. These times, these megalithic structures, human and animal remains have remained at the bottom of these water sources making it impossible to dig up and learn our true past.

If you press play on the player above and nothing shows that means it's NOT 9PM PST yet. Leave and come back later - no problem. 

Instead of saying things like "we don't know," or admitting the inability to venture to the current home of those priceless treasures of human origin and the mystery they still hold. The powers-that-be and the scientific community chose to spoon feed the public ridiculous stories, thoughts, theories and ideas as truth. We've received stories that would be deemed ramblings of a lunatic if coming out of the mouth of a person on the street instead of someone wearing a labcoat or wearing a degree deemed worthless in any other time period throughout history.

Theoretical Physicist
Well, theoretically this is the dumbest idea one could cook up outside of the purchase of a quantum computer you're never allowed to touch, see or NEVER have the option of taking home.

If that last line caught your attention let me explain. Did you know that when you purchase a quantum computer that you can't touch it, you can't use it and you can't even take it home? It's 100% true. Upon the purchase of a quantum computer you do NOT get to use it or prove that it's even real. You simply have to trust the person whom sold it to you that it actually exists. You cannot take it home, you can't even see it, touch it or use it. Your company's ONLY access is through a certified partner / a dedicated user of the system whom can ONLY access it through the cloud remotely.

You read that correctly and you can double check the information very easily. Try not to laugh so hard you pass out.

We'll see you all at the show. Take care!

Bexx and Boogie

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