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Aug. 28, 2022

The Not-So-Great Pyramids of Giza

The Not-So-Great Pyramids of Giza

A Roadside Attraction 

Long Car Trips; Here We Come

The Pyramids are nothing but a tourist trap

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
This week we're uncovering lies all week long. We started with the Anunnaki and showed everyone during that stream that the Anunnaki was not only a made up term but it had no basis for reality as it didn't appear in the Sumerian Tablets anywhere. So if it didn't appear in the Sumerian Tablets then why does everyone seem to know the official story of the Anunnaki and their arrival here on Earth. They know all about the Anunnaki creating a slave race out of humans in order to mine gold. Once the gold is mined then this would supposedly be crushed into a fine powder and spread into the non-existent atmosphere of their home planet called "Nibiru."Well, surprise surprise - there's no Nibiru either.

Although there's no Nibiru there is a city called "Nibra" which many already know about. There's a famous archeological piece called the Nebra Disc. That's about all I know about Nebra and that's where I leave you.

Holographic Universe Theory, Simulated Reality Theory, 

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The Not-So-Great Pyramids of Giza: A Roadside Attraction

It's Just Like Wally World! HHHEEYYYYOOOOOO!!!!!


This is what we've been discussing all week long. Although these people and places have no basis in reality then where did everyone seem to learn this story from? How did they all learn it? It had to be from the same teacher. Or from the same scammer. Who is in charge of spreading all of these lies? Why?

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The biggest ball of yard, the biggest tinfoil ball, the biggest pat of butter. What do they all have in common? They're just like the not-so-great Pyramids of Giza. They were all designed as a roadside attraction for families in long car trips as a tourist attraction and a tourist trap. Over priced t-shirts, camel rides, maps, ghost stories, photo ops, the Pyramids have a tourist trap for everyone in your family..
Jane has to use the bathroom, Terry is sore and tired, the dog is hungry, your brother's feet stink, Dad just wants to take a stretch - why not stop off at the Pyramid Complex at Giza. You can find slot machines, bed and breakfast on the go, gift shops and souvenirs for the whole family. Let's get a photo with some of the camels that are tied up at the watering hole.

Be Careful because the camels love to spit at everyone when chewing on a cactus.
In this video we're going to take a look at some of the best proofs imaginable that the Great Pyramids of Giza aren't old at all, they're not ancient, they're not even close. The Pyramids were built somewhere between 1840 and 1870 - yes, you read that correctly. This is some gimmick, this isn't some tall tale. This is the truth and you'll learn it for yourself in just a few minutes within the meat and potatoes of this video. This video has it all and lays out all in great details so everyone can understand. You don't need to be a professional when it comes to the pyramids in order to understand what this video is all about.

This video is going to make A LOT of people very angry and those are the types of people this video is geared towards. I need people to understand that if you find yourself getting angry over this information that means the mind manipulation methods they had in store for you worked like a charm. You've fallen right into their hands and their plan worked perfectly. Ask yourself this - why are you so angry? You don't own the pyramids - you don't work at the pyramids. These pyramids and their handlers don't care about you so why do you care so much about them?

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