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Aug. 25, 2022

The High Pitch Sound Heard Round the World - How the Hell Do We Make it Stop?

The High Pitch Sound Heard Round the World - How the Hell Do We Make it Stop?

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Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
I know I'm not alone. I realize you hear it as well and this evening we will discuss the reasons for this high pitch sound. I will address why this high pitch sound is going on to you, happening to me and it's occurring all around the world. This high pitch sound is stunning. Is this the heavenly messengers calling out from the void? Is this high pitch sound the recurrence of Spaceship Earth returning on the web? Is this high pitch sound the recurrence and vibrational level of the undeniable trends in the air as humankind climbs intellectually, truly, genuinely and profoundly? Basically: Yes - yes to these responses from there, the sky is the limit. We not just found the reason for this high pitch sound yet we even tracked down the wellspring of taking your breath away and it's going.

In case you missed it - I showed 18 authentic and real images of the Earth collected and prized from my extensive research through the archives of NASA. I found them everywhere I possibly could. Overhead projectors in NASA HQ, reflections from the visors of Astronauts, out the side windows of shuttles, reflections off the gold bullion NASA was sneaking off of Earth to pay some sort of dougherty, I found tons of them in the old 1990s STS missions. The missions were scattered with real images of Earth along with videos of the real Earth.

The High Pitch Sound Heard Round the World - How Do We Make it Stop?

This is the where the live video for the show will play. If you press play and there's no video that means it's not 9:15PM PST. That means, come back when it is 9:15PM PST and try again. 

Ladies and Gentlemen - I've said it before and I'll say it again. NASA seems to be stuck in the middle of some sort of mind control campaign that seems to be never ending. Like most scientists, engineers, astronomers, physics, biologists and astrobiologist, theoretical physicists and so much more. These aren't the type of people that want to lie about science, they don't want to look stupid. These aren't the "ëvil" type. These are the type of people that want science to be correct, the first time. Unfortunately when someone is lying their science looks bad. Their research always seems to be subpar. That's not the way NASA rolls. I've known enough of those people that they want to be the best of the best. They want to be held in the highest of regards and they don't want to have to do their work, research and their math twice. When you lie all of those things go out the window. Lying and hiding the answers to your work makes the person work twice, three-times as hard to get the answer - this isn't something anyone wants to do willingly.

So when people come to me and say that "NASA said this"and "NASA said that," I'll have to be honest - NASA didn't say a damn thing. NASA never says anything. You need to think hard and long. NASA doesn't teach classes, NASA doesn't put out educational materials. NASA didn't create the globe. NASA isn't the one responsible for those fake ass, shitty ass documentaries about fake space with Morgan Freeman as the narrator. No sirs, no maám. In fact those documentaries never bothered to check with NASA to fact check their statements, research or work. The reason being is because they don't need to reference anyone. The owners behind the production company that's in charge of making all of those shitty documentaries where most people got their education regarding space and somehow attributed it to NASA should know that owner is the DOD - the Department of Defense, the Air Force, NAVY, ARMY and the likes - in fact, by all intents and purposes those people are better known as "The Military Industrial Complex" and those people know far more about space than NASA ever will. In fact, The MIC is who gives NASA all of their space data and information regarding what can be reported, how and NEVER why.  It's the DOD we can thank for those documentaries which have EVER been our source for space education and pseudoscience. In many ways - NASA is innocent. But enough about that shit. I sound like I'm standing up for them and it's killing my boner. So let's move on.

We'll be finishing Up The Next Level - a Flat Earth Documentary Tonight. We started the film last night but tonight is the night where we muscle through it.

In pairs to the cleaving block - a wonderful day to bite the dust in July - doomed soul

High Pitch Sound Heard Everywhere Lately by Everyone

High Pitch Sounds, Frequencies and Vibrations are Happening to Everyone and Heard All Throughout the World Right Now.
Could this all be important for the HAARP framework? Might this high pitch at any point solid be the voice of God? We showed you that myself and Shelly Mantooth both got similar hunch around the same time large number of miles separated without talking regarding the matter. She same the Face of God thus did I without knowing it. She was shown the Face of God by her radiant aide and watchman Metatron also known as Enoch and I was shown this equivalent face and substance in the old oak tree behind my home. This portrayal of at first had all the earmarks of being an outsider (a cliché outsider dim) yet in the wake of focusing on the substance you begin to acknowledge it's anything but an outsider by any means however a multi-layered assortment of mind boggling creatures generally recounting a story without words. These pictures are the interstellar language - NOT math.

Math is intended to simply befuddle individuals. Since it certain as damnation settles nothing or show anybody anything.

This high pitch sound is an enormous piece of my day now. I apparently can't pinpoint in the event that I hear it more inside or beyond the house. This would be an issue since that implies it's inside driven and brought about by more than simply something radiating a high pitch sound. Indeed, this evening during the live stream we will handle this little jewel and get everybody ready for the causes and how to end the damn thing. This high pitch sound is making everybody loco and I can't say I fault them. Exactly the same thing is occurring to me and I'm honestly burnt out on hearing it.

So tune in this evening at 9PM PST for one more astonishing episode of Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC

Just so everybody realizes we won't simply be discussing the high pitch sound - we will likewise be watching the new Flat Earth Documentary called "The Next Level"which presumably isn't that new to you yet it is to me. We have an extraordinary show made arrangements for all of you - tune in and we should have a great time.

See you by and large present!

Bexx and Boogie Out!

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Tonight we're going to wipe the floor with these lying bastards - get ready for it. It should be fun.

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