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Aug. 26, 2022

The High Pitch Sound Debate

The High Pitch Sound Debate

Let the Debate Begin

Let's Take a Look at a Few Option

This or That? We'll Let You All Decide!

Let's Get Ready to Rumble...
We found a gentleman on YouTube that believes he has found the answer to the high pitch sound issue; he believes the answers lies within the source of the sound. Hés done something really weird in my opinion but I don't want to introduce him while tainting his name and the feelings you have for him before even listening to what he has to say. That's not really fair  - I'm not that competitive of a guy that I would need to destroy this guy's reputation before he even gets a chance to present his thoughts, theories and ideas to anyone willing to listen to them. I will tell you this - he compares Skyquakes, The Voice of God, Sky Trumpets and the High Pitch Noise all together as if they were created by the same thing, sound the same and have the same effect on mankind. I'm only telling you this because the video he made gives away this information through the title so the minute you read it; (and you're about to) you'll know all of this stuff very soon.

Sky Trumpets, Skyquakes and the Big Bamboozle

My grandfather wanted me to tell you that this technology was around when he was a kid. it was the government's corniest gimmick tech. Are we to believe someone is using voice to skull tech just to annoy people?

The skyquakes and trumpets are entirely different sounds. The voice of god is the only one you've mentioned related to this technology. The others are the sound of entirely differnt objects. I'm not sure this explanation is good enough for a mic drop. Keep up the work though.

The sounds I'm dealing with.are an incident high pitch sound and it's consistent inside or outside. IT's caused by the Moon because it ONLY occurs when I'm in direct eye line of it. The moon is on a VERY late night / early morning schedule right now and that's exactly when I get the sound in my ears. The level is consistent whether I'm inside or outside. I can't hear the sound while I'm inside until I'm in the window and see the Moon like I said.

Lastly - the original voice to skull tech was a big gaudy and cheese apparatus used to distribute the sounds and this apparatus was carried around like a bag phone from the 80s and 90s. In the 90s they switched the tech of the VTS to an earlier edition of 5G. Just like the 5G of today it doesn't go through walls and the sound was VERY inconsistent in volume and inconsistent in "connected calls" - I don't know how to say this without sounding like a knowitall but they retired this shit a long time ago due to lack of use. They were never successful in doing shit with it other than a cool party trick. Other than getting the science guys laid - this thing was total garbage.

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I got hit up by someone today on the Tube who felt they found the answer to the issue and then pointed me towards the video in question (the one above)

Here is a very simple explanation, that is scientifically accurate and up-to-date, about what causes weird sounds in the woods or anywhere else for that matter.

My original explanation of this phenomenon / problem was about 3 different dic

This is the comment I wrote to him on his channel after watch this vid

I know I'm not alone. I realize you hear it as well and this evening we will discuss the reasons for this high pitch sound. I will address why this high pitch sound is occurring to you, happening to me and it's going on all around the world. This high pitch sound is stunning. Is this the heavenly messengers calling out from the void? Is this high pitch sound the recurrence of Spaceship Earth returning on the web? Is this high pitch sound the recurrence and vibrational level of the unavoidable trends in the air as humankind rises intellectually, actually, sincerely and profoundly? Basically: Yes - yes to these responses and that's just the beginning. We not just found the reason for this high pitch sound yet we even tracked down the wellspring of taking your breath away and it's going.

High Pitch Sounds, Frequencies and Vibrations are Happening to Everyone and Heard All Throughout the World Right Now.
Could this all be important for the HAARP framework? Might this high pitch at any point solid be the voice of God? We showed you that myself and Shelly Mantooth both got similar hunch around the same time great many miles separated without talking regarding the matter. She same the Face of God thus did I without knowing it. She was shown the Face of God by her heavenly aide and gatekeeper Metatron otherwise known as Enoch and I was shown this equivalent face and substance in the old oak tree behind my home. This portrayal of at first had all the earmarks of being an outsider (a cliché outsider dim) yet subsequent to focusing on the element you begin to acknowledge it's anything but an outsider by any means however a diverse assortment of intricate creatures generally recounting a story without words. These pictures are the interstellar language - NOT math.

Math is intended to just befuddle individuals. Since it certain as damnation addresses nothing or show anybody anything.

This high pitch sound is a colossal piece of my day now. I just can't pinpoint assuming that I hear it more inside or beyond the house. This would be an issue since that implies it's inside driven and brought about by more than simply something producing a high pitch sound. Indeed, this evening during the live stream we will handle this little diamond and get everybody ready for the causes and how to end the damn thing. This high pitch sound is making everybody crazy and I can't say I fault them. Exactly the same thing is occurring to me and I'm honestly worn out on hearing it.

I know I'm in good company. I understand you hear it too and tonight we will examine the explanations behind this high pitch sound. I will address why this high pitch sound is seeming obvious you, happening to me and it's continuing from one side of the planet to the other. This high pitch sound is shocking. Is this the angels calling out from the void? Is this high pitch sound the repeat of Spaceship Earth returning on the web? Is this high pitch sound the repeat and vibrational level of the undeniable patterns in the air as humanity rises mentally, really, genuinely and significantly? Essentially: Yes - yes to these reactions and that is only the start. We not simply found the justification behind this high pitch sound yet we even found the wellspring of blowing your mind and it's going.

The Weather War Machine and Spaceship Earth
High Pitch Sounds, Frequencies and Vibrations are Happening to Everyone and Heard All Throughout the World Right Now. Might this all at some point be significant for the weather war machine or the craft we're located within?? Might this high pitch sound be related to the mothership coming back online? The reason I bring this up is because as of late I've personally witnessed and recorded NASA (I assume) working diligently on repairs of the ship that I can only assume are leftover from the great war. The great war is that of the fallen vs. the army of heaven although none of the entities I've ever seen or communicated with seem to be from heaven. Unless, heaven is a really fucked up place. If so, that would explain why everyone seems to want to leave there. They say Satan has turned everything upside down. This would mean he's the good guy, God is the bad and heaven really is a shithole. If you take yourself outside the word "heaven"it really does seem like the name a ghetto here on Earth would have. Hell when paired with gardens could be sold as a very rich and lush place. Hell Gardens - it sound chick.

It's taken me a long time to break free of the indoctrination I've suffered through after being introduced into this simulation. Whoever developed it's code did a great job. They fool the hell out of you right away with the whole globes in school, the pledge in the morning, the news, santa, the easter bunny and that God forsaken church on Sundays. Everything is upside down and backwards here. No wonder it's nicknamed the Veil. It all makes total sense now. We're obviously sent here to disappear and start the tests immediately.

It's a wild ride no doubt but I'm ready to get off of this thing. I'd like to do it while I can and I still have my health about me. I really want to enjoy our new home outside of this shithole. I want my thousand acres by the pits overlooking the abyss - the one overflowing with bioluminescence. It's constantly in twilight - no more fucking sun for me. I'm ready for the night - the darkside of the construct is calling. I've always hated summer. Not too cold and not too hot - just right. That's where I'm headed. Give me natural or give me death. No more simulated realities in these fake as goldilocks zones. What the hell is the point in seasons if you're trying to simulated a goldilocks zone. That makes no sense. Why can't it just be magic hour in the spring all the time?

The Bigger Issue
This high pitch sound is a titanic proof of a bigger issue. I can't pinpoint whether I hear it more inside or on the go around town. This high pitch sound started for me a few months ago when I spotted either NASA or the breakaway they deal with on the regular installing (or replacing) the manmade dome under the waters above. This is the one that is a huge, never ending sheet of rectangle glass pieces. The minute they put it in SoCal got instantly hot and human. I know the reason it was put in was to start with the fucking holograms - the first thing I noticed was A LOT of clouds with faces on it. It was like we moved back to South Florida. The same BS skies.

My best guess and final answer is the IEEEE Photovoltaic Holographic Projection System. We're suffering from a bad case of Pockels Effect.

Optimal design for antireflective tapered
two-dimensional subwavelength grating structures

Here are a few physics papers that directly relate to what you just watched in the video above...

The one I really want you to concentrate on is the Optimal design for antireflective tapered two-dimensional subwave grating structures and the first one the Femtosecond 2D pholithography through a digital micromirror device and a microlens array.

Both of these papers directly discuss the fractal grating photolithography on or within a 2D and 3D microlens structure. It took me a few hours to find the perfect examples but I believe I hit the nail right on the head. Now let me do my best to put this all into a nutshell for you in terms we can all understand.

The reason we're all hearing these high pitch sounds and frequencies no matter if it's inside our home or car or outside in the open air is due to the Moon. The Moon? Yes the Moon. My video, hands down proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Moon is a hologram and holographically projected like that of a mirascope. This mirascope is using something called a IEEE photorefractive and photovitalic holographic projection technologies in order to emit the light needed to shine through microlens which holds the photolithography within it. In shorter terms - we are looking at a pulse laser disguised as a star (way too big and wild to be a star, the sun or the moon). The light of this object shines through the rectangle object below it and creates a holographic projection due to the lithograph that is stored in the microlens material aka metamaterial lens. This technology is also referred to as "Fractal Grating." The minute I saw this in the NASA footage from STS mission 178 from 1996 - it was so obvious to me. The reason why it was obvious: If you've ever shined a laser through the clear material you find on foreign currency like that used by Mexico. Everytime I would go to mexico on a trip it never failed I would try the fractal grating experiment by shining a laser through the clear part of the bill and wahla - a hologram of their national flag would project out the other side of the bill. That is exactly what's happening here.

The high pitch sound you're hearing in this technology in the holographic moon itself and the frequency it emits out the other side. It was just the other day I realized that the high pitch sound was happening at the time the Moon was coming house. The high pitch sound you're hearing is the white color of the Moon casted onto the physical object they use to add the contrast to the white holographically projected texturized canopy surface of the fake Moon. White is the loudest frequency as it's the has the highest frequency and vibrational tone. It's the cleanest and clearest color of all the others. It's also the brightest - this is most related to the reasoning for the high pitch sound.

So there you have it. Listen out for the high pitch sound again - when you hear it run outside and verify my hypothesis.

Please be sure to check back and let me know what you've encountered. Am I correct or should we take it all back to the drawing board?

NOTE: Remember you are going to hear the high pitch sound much louder and clearer when encountering the full Moon vs. a fingernail sliver of a Moon. Also, give the moon a few hours to come out of the horizon and over your head.

That's that everybody - I hope it helps. This is the best I can do. I think it's pretty good but be sure to come back to the comment section and let me know if you agree or not. You can now comment here on the blog comment section without signing in or even making a user profile. This is my website so I can assure you there is no censoring going on. There never will be. Even if you don't agree with me - you won't be shut down or booted. The ONLY time you'll get booted or shut down is if you are being a pain in the ass and calling others out of their name. If you are acting violent and threatening others. Everyone has their limit. My limit is pretty high but don't test it.

I"ll talk to everyone tonight during the live show.

Join Us at the Usual Time - 9PM PST - 11PM PST. This is going to be another amazing show.

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We will be covering the "Über of the Construct" aka "The Hand of God"- you are going to love this. This is just my initial thought now for the show but thing change constantly here and at the speed of light. So be prepared for it to be about monkey's learning how to comb their hair and brush their teeth. You just never know.

Anyways - my hands are cramping up from typing. 

Boogie and Bexx Out!