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Aug. 26, 2022

The Hands of God; Nothing is Outside of Our Reach

There's Nothing Outside of Our Reach

Tonight We Walk Hand in Hand with

We Earth from the Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom

We Skate Along the Construct and the Edge of Eternity

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Tonight we walk hand in hand with the grand architect. We stop and eat from the tree of knowledge and wisdom. Instantly you feel something open up and the world flows in. It feels like the top of your head is missing and the every room feels bigger. These a small car feels as large as the Earth itself. The ceiling feels as high as the void itself and the hands of God have made nothing outside of our reach. We pull the world closer and hold it tight as we watch the void and the waters slip away and drain directly through the bottomless pit of sheol. The more we learn the more we realize that everything we learned from the Bible was so accurate.

Tonight we have a special guest by the name of Mike from Bleak Narratives - be sure to check out his channel and his content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Gls3oBS1irltbJuR2fCOw


The show starts at 9PM PST - so if you go to watch this video above and nothing shows up that means it's not 9PM PST - check back later. 

Meet us online at 9PM PST we'll be live until 11PM PST: Can't wait to see you all there.

We've all been affected by the High Pitch Sound - it's a global issue. Everyone is complaining about it. Everyone hates it - it's happening more and more in these recent months.

Not only do we know exactly why it's happening but we can explain it to you in terms you can fully understand and explain it to others. Your loved ones, your friends, co-workers, church, at orgies, down in the sex dungeon, etc.

We've got you covered. We just wish you would've talked about it more instead of just searching for answers online.

We are a community and need to start acting like it. We are here for you. Next time - come to us.

We know all about the high pitch sound you've been hearing - You're not alone

Meet us online at 9PM PST we'll be live until 11PM PST: Can't wait to see you all there.