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Nov. 8, 2022

The Finale Part 1 - The Sleeping Lady; the Illuminati, God, Gold, Mark of the Beat & Real Earth - 08:00 PM

The Finale Part 1 - The Sleeping Lady; the Illuminati, God, Gold, Mark of the Beat & Real Earth - 08:00 PM

The Illuminati, God, Gold, 

Mark of the Beat & Real Earth

8PM PST - The train is leaving whether you're on it or not

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
I'm going to show you the edge of the Earth and precisely where we truly live. You will see the four corners of Earth, genuine satellite pictures of our planet, our universe and in the middle between. We will crush it out of the recreation area the most we can in just a thirty minutes. This is section 1 of anyway many parts it takes me to get done with showing all that we've covered throughout the last year.

Welcome to the finale, this is the inheritance I'm leaving regardless of whether you need it.

The Finale Part 1 - The Sleeping Lady;
the Illuminati, God, Gold, Mark of the Beat
& Real Earth - 08:00 PM

This is an assortment of recordings which will be loaded with more truth than you perhaps ready to deal with in only one sitting. I will split this finale up in a many recordings and I truly figure you ought to watch them all since I will spill all I know as well as my heart and my spirit. This will be all of the information I have on all of the significant points left to cover in this odd world. Toward the finish, all things considered, you will at long last know whats going on, you will be aware however much I need to share, to instruct and to offer. This is genuinely all I need to provide for the world so kindly acknowledge it.

I'll watch these finales with all of you and I'll address them as we come. Toward the end I'll roll out enormous improvements and all redresses to them. I'll then, at that point, be incorporating them all into a full length film with lots of unique increments and more talks. They will be all that you wish you watched when you were a youngster so you had reality before you were all conveyed to the wolves in arranged to have your head parted open and poop scooped inside. They've demolished us and I'm giving my very best for unruin us.

I wish there was more I could do.

I truly do.

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Location of Imperceptible Earthly Substances
By Dr. Santilli
It wasn't some time before I was exploring this arch photography method to more readily comprehend it and I ran over Dr. Santilli; a Jesuit Cleric and Vatican Cosmologist. At the point when I began to concentrate on his "Santilli Telescope Strategy" that I completely comprehended that was what we had reproduced. An additional compelling and more cheap model.

Any individual who thinks the vault arrangement isnt a genuine technique for photography has clearly never utilized a telescope since it's a similar essential strategy. I utilize "basic"because of how essential it is. It's an illustrative mirror and a focal point. The fact that telescopes are too makes that all. Reflector telescopes and Dobsonians.

On the off chance that you haven't yet bought your arch arrangement - it's rarely past the point of no return. Follow the three connections beneath to buy your vault arrangement now. You can be shooting the Santilli Telescope Strategy in only a couple of days from your buy:

4"Glass Half Dome Paperweight

10x Magnification Beauty Mirror

Black Plastic Bowl (This cuts down on horizon noise)

For those of you that are new to our Skydome Atlantis examination and even fresher to our Santilli Telescope Technique also known as Shooting the Vault - you should concentrate on what I've remembered for this blog and comprehend that what we are appearing in our pictures and recordings are All that we say it is. We are seeing, shooting and recording interdimensional elements and introducing them to you. It would assist every one of you with grappling with the truth of our exploration and particularly our discoveries.

Skydome Atlantis is the hypothetical base on of the makers arch. This city isn't drifting within a zero g climate since that isn't what space is. Space isn't comprised of a zero g climate. Rather it's comprised of extremely refined track frameworks, ties, and as of late I found they utilize A Great deal of rail weapons as transfers to counterfeit the track framework where one isn't accessible. They would utilize this hand-off framework to move themselves from A to B and some of the time C. This is an extremely unusual build and 100 percent genuine. There's nothing legendary about this spot.

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