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Dec. 21, 2022

The end is upon us all and so is the highly anticipated ascension into heaven

The end is upon us all and so is the highly anticipated ascension into heaven

The Dust is the Meek which Shall Inherit the Earth

This is the Ascension Process and the Next Step in Your Journey

Shed Your Fleshly Prison and Inherit Your Body of Pure Light

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
The veil is slipping and showing all of the truths that have at once been hidden from us. It says in the bible that in the End Days all will be revealed and I believe this to be those truths we've all been waiting patiently for. I hope you're ready for the things the keepers never thought we were worthy of or thought that we couldn't handle. I, myself, believe we can't quite comprehend what the veil has been hiding this entire time. Yes, I'm agreeing with them in case you couldn't tell. I believe the other side is far more complex of a reality than we are all prepared for. It's hard to go from the cushy life on Earth to the complexities of the inner working of the God's. There's a good reason why the veil was put in place to begin with. These keepers are looking out for us and not the other way around. They're the keepers of the construct for good reason. It's most definitely a dirty job and someone had to do it. We have the Angels to thank for that.

The Veil is Slipping & it's Revealing the Truths We've All been Patiently Waiting For

The End is Upon Us All & So is Our Ascension into Heaven


Judgement Day is Coming Soon and It's your Spiritual Duty to Prepare Your Soul for the Journey Which Lay in Wait. I have no idea what that exactly entails but spending as much quality time with the ones that you love would be the best place to start. Tie up any loose ends by mending any petty arguments .you may have been in the middle of with those you love. Understand that the problems we share here in the Earth and our time upon it is so minuscule compared to the time we will spend in the Eternal home from which we originated. It's only a matter of time until we shed our fleshly prisons and shine as bright as our pure light bodies will allow within the confines of Heaven. Or Eden, depending on your final destination.

Your money is meaningless on the other side. Your clothing, your worldly possessions - all of them as valuable as the dust which will inhabit the Earth next and reclaim the surface for the place we once called our home. She was a great ship and she served us well but we've discovered Earth 2.0 in the Goldilocks zone as we set out to do and we found it within ourselves. Heaven has been here the entire time and now it's your job to set sail to the next leg of your journey. Your spirit guides await and it's only a matter of time until they take you by the hand and lead you to the trail's head for which you will put one foot in front of the other and march in a line 2X2 to your new home, your new angelic duties and serve the creator in anyway he sees fit.

Don't be afraid, there's nothing to fear. Just breath deep, hold it for a beat or two, and then exhale your last. Take in the sweet smells of her one last time because it will be the last we get to appreciate the one that served us in these trials and tribulations. This simulation is coming to a halt and you've all passed. You've passed with flying colors and the ascension begins when you're ready. No time sooner.

Be proud of yourselves, but stay humble. This is the best method you can choose. You are now in the presence of the creator and there's much work to be done.

Heaven really does wait for all men, but don't make her wait long. She gets moody when she hasn't eaten. Feed her soul as you fed your own. You will be greatly rewarded for your obedience and your service in this life and the next.

This is all of the information I have to share with you today. I'll have more soon and I hope when I share it that it falls on ears which are wide open and hungry for the sound and vibration of my voice. I look forward to seeing you all soon in your new suits and your new wisdom after finally eating from the tree of life, wisdom and knowledge which has been kept from us since the days we were only children.

Walk now, walk in the garden hand-in-hand with the father. He'll be excited to see you all again. You definitely don't want to keep him waiting. Lose your low self-confidence becase you look magnificent in your new body. There's nothing to be ashamed of. You're as beautiful as you've ever been, this I assure you.

Go now, I'll catch up

Boogie Out!

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Detection of Invisible Terrestrial Entities
By Dr. Santilli
It wasn’t long before I was researching this dome photography technique to better understand it and I came across Dr. Santilli; a Jesuit Priest and Vatican Astronomer. When I started to study his “Santilli Telescope Method” that I fully understood that was what we had recreated. A more effective and more inexpensive model.

Anyone who thinks the dome setup isnt a legit method of photography has obviously never used a telescope because it's the same basic method. I use the word "basic"because of how basic it is. It's a parabolic mirror and a lens. That's all that telescopes are as well. Reflector telescopes and Dobsonians.

If you haven't yet purchased your dome setup - it's never too late. Follow the three links below in order to purchase your dome setup now. You can be shooting the Santilli Telescope Method in just a few days from your purchase:

For those of you that are new to our Skydome Atlantis research and even newer to our Santilli Telescope Method aka Shooting the Dome – it’s important that you study what I’ve included in this blog and understand that what we are showing in our images and videos are EVERYTHING we say it is. We are seeing, photographing and recording interdimensional entities and presenting them to you. It would help all of you come to terms with the reality of our research and especially our findings.

Skydome Atlantis is the theoretical base atop of the creators dome. This city is NOT floating inside of a zero g environment because that is NOT what space is. Space is NOT made up of a zero g environment. Instead it's made up of very sophisticated track systems, tethers, and recently I discovered they use A LOT of rail guns as relays in order to fake the track system where one is not available. They would use this relay system to transport themselves from A to B and sometimes C. This is a very strange construct and 100% real. There's nothing mythical about this place.

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