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Oct. 9, 2022

Sphinx - Present Arms!

Sphinx - Present Arms!

We found a huge anomaly with the Sphinx

An Inconsistency So Big We're Demanding a Recall on All Votes

The Sphinx is NOT Who we Thought She/He Was

In Fact, the Sphinx is a Bigger Lie than the Damn Pyramids

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
It's been a really big morning; with the death of Mike Tyson and now the original images of the Sphinx shows that not only did the Sphinx NOT originally come with arms but the pyramids weren't in photos as late as the 1920s. You heard that correctly. I have photos I'm about to share with you that show the images of the Giza compound shows (clearly shows) that the GIZA Plateau was WITHOUT the "Not-So-Great-Pyramids"as late as 1920. This surprised me because I was under the impression they were built somewhere around 1860 along with many other "human origin on tap" road-side, tourist, traps. You just can't make this sort of crazy shit up. I can't even think of things this crazy and out-of-whack. I knew that set dressing theory was a real-to-life thing but I just didn't realize how in depth it actually went. It appears the less you dig the more it peaks it's ugly little head. It's not even that difficult to find it. In example - take the damn pyramids. Who would've thought it would be this easy to debunk the damn pyramids and I seem the be the only one that actually looked under the hood out of 8 billion people. Hmmm, I wonder what else I'm correct about? I have this strange feeling......

Skydome Atlantis

Technology of the Fallen Angels

If you hit "play"on the player above and nothing occurs that must mean it's NOT 5PM PST yet. If I was you I would come back around 5PM PST and try again. I bet you it works perfectly then. I have a great feeling!

BMC Blog Featured Image: Know Your Enemy - Skydome Atlantis, Orbs, UFOs, Sun & Moon Simulator, Fake Stars, Ghosts & Paranormal, Glitches & More

For the sake of all of the people that bet on the wrong horse and have been wasting their time with this wannabe-esoteric bullshit - I really hope I'm wrong about it all. I'm not here to embarrass anyone but i"ll tell ya, I'm also not here to make friends. I'm here to rub this BS through the mud and let them know what's up. Whoever and whatever is attached to the idolatry of the pyramids and the Sphinx once I star slinging mud, those are the folks I feel the worst for because they're the ones that can stop and forget the mistake. They're too proud to let go and live to fight another day.

We discovered a big discrepancy with the Sphinx.

A Big Enough Inconsistency That We Want All Votes Recalled

The Sphinx is NOT who we believed she or he to be.

The Sphinx is a bigger lie than the damn pyramids, in actuality.


Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
It's been a big morning with the passing of Mike Tyson and the discovery of the Sphinx's initial images, which reveal that not only did the Sphinx not come with arms in the beginning, but the pyramids also didn't appear in photographs until the 1920s.

That's exactly what you heard. I'm about to share photos with you that demonstrate how the Giza compound's images plainly demonstrate that, as recently as 1920, the GIZA Plateau was devoid of the "Not-So-Great-Pyramids." I was startled by this because

I'll be presenting a very cool and short pilot episode I whipped up over the past 24 hours while and when I had some free time. Please know that I"ll be working on this project more as time goes on because it's actually something I liked and now I'm rather addicted to the concept at this time (no pun intended - you'll get the joke after you watch the episode). Anyways, without further ado, let's get started...shall we?

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