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Oct. 10, 2022

Skydome Atlantis is NO Myth; AKA New Jerusalem Our Reflected World & Doppelganger in the Simulation

Skydome Atlantis is NO Myth; AKA New Jerusalem Our Reflected World & Doppelganger in the Simulation

The great war

the Fallen Angel vs the Heaven's Army

The War to End All Wars is Merely the Beginning of the Eternal Battle

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC


SKYDOME ATLANTIS: The Great War is Almost Upon Up


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This is a war between the spiritual and the physical worlds. This is a war of light and dark, antimatter and matter, liquid and matter, gas and plasma. The world is turning upside down and it's taking our morals, our civility, spirituality and our beliefs along with it. We've forgotten who we are and what is important to us as a civilization and as an individual. We've tried everything we can to save what we know and who taught it to us.

What do we do in times like this? Who can we turn to and do they even care? We feel alone, we feel like the walls are closing in on us and I'm NOT sure it's not actually happening no matter how many times we're told it's not and that it's all a hallucination. This isn't the life I remember - AI running everything, clones of everything are being mass produced while drones are delivering it all. Chemicals sprayed into the air in order to holographically project the heavens above as "They, want it to be seen and depicted. These chemicals when mixed with radio waves in the microwave frequency can manufacture a thunderstorm and a hurricane within hours.

These same people controlling the weather, controlling the holography of the heavens above are the same people that are printing human b

Why would anyone want these things to exist? Why would someone want to do this to their home here on Earth? How do you fight against a power you cannot see, you cannot pinpoint the source? How can you battle an army when you are only one?

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