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Sept. 10, 2022

RSS 2 will be how they hack and bring down the US

RSS 2 will be how they hack and bring down the US

Banks, Financial Institutions

Trading Indices, Loan and Treasuries

Futures, Commodities, Forex and More

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
RSS 2 is the most widely used information chain used by America. It's the most widely used information chain across the world. Mostly all (if not all) of the social media outlets use RSS 2 as their preferred feed aggregate for the delivering of posts, updates, tweets, podcasts, videos and even banking. RSS 2 is probably one of the most insecure methods of delivery you can find and two bit hackers think of themselves as God's just because they can hack an RSS 2 feed. Sad but true. We've already discovered places like China, Russia, Iran and many more lining up to hack the US as they have many other countries to this point. They've taken over their news outlets, their banking systems, power, social media, voting systems and that unfortunately is just the beginning of the attacks.

America has RSS 2.0 as the delivery system of 95% of all information; including the NASDAQ, S&P 500, Futures, Commodities and many other indices.

RSS 2 - the way they'll hack America and bring it down around us. Lasts the story at least

The show is at 10pm PST so if you press play on the player above and see nothing - that means it's not 10pm. leave and try again later. How about around 10PM PST? That'll work. HHHEEEYYOOOOO!!!!

I would typically tell you all around this time to sit back and watch as it DOESN'T take place but this is already occurring. This isn't some paranoia coming to fruition, this isn't visions of grandeur; this is something REALLY easy to break into being broke into.  It's happening as fast as the delivery of news and social media itself. We're seeing accounts and servers hosting websites emails, financial documents, loans, savings, trading and more getting compromised by the thousands on a daily basis. Yours could be next.

Now this isn't a lead in for a VPN - it's not a lead in for anything other than a warning to watch your ass and put your head on a swivel.

Be on the looking out and be careful. Don't store financial info on your phones, clean out your password banks and make sure that nothing important other than the typical photos and videos are stored in places like your Google Documents account.

This has been your warning. Now let's get onto the show.

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