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Sept. 21, 2022

Paranal Chile - the ESO's part in the holographic & artificial skies being projected: VLTs & Harmoni

Paranal Chile - the ESO's part in the holographic & artificial skies being projected: VLTs & Harmoni

What's Going on in Chile?

Why are there so many target stars in the sky? 

No wonder the world is running out of helium!

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Some people look at the holographic universe as some sort of game. There's nothing funny or fun about any of this stuff. It takes some people a lifetime to find their way out of this construct and then when they do - where the hell do you go from there? Sometimes you've spent so much time in the construct that you forget which way is up after while. It's a bad place to be. Tonight we are going to tear through the ESO, take a look at some VERY large and extremely large telescopes to see what part they play down in Paranal Chile in this holographic universe of ours.

Paranal Chile - the ESO's part in the holographic &

artificial skies being projected: VLTs & Harmoni

If you press "PLAY"on the player above and you see nothing -this most definitely means that it's NOT 5PM PST yet. I think you should come back at another time - try 5PM PST. I bet my bottom dollar that will work. 

There's a machine called the "Harmoni" that calls itself a simulator but it reality it's a super, quantum computer that is so big you can register it as a house or business. This thing is the computer that runs all of the other observatories around the world and the guided laser systems on and in the scopes themselves. These machine makes sure that all of the target stars are being created and released into the mesosphere. The lasers are exciting the salt layer so that these target stars are lit up as they should be and the inhabitants of Earth are none the wiser to their lies in the skies and the insanity overtop of their heads. Nothing in the sky can be believed any longer. The days of the creator are long gone and over.

The creator may have created man, but it is man that has created the mess we call home!

What the hell is going on these days?

We'll see you all at 5PM PST - 7PM PST. Please be sure to join us for another rock solid but holographic episode of Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC.

We'll see you all soon! Take care!

Bexx and Boogie Out!

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