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Aug. 19, 2022

NASA's Secret Space Program; What is Going on in Antarctica; Giants? Here Comes Truth

NASA's Secret Space Program; What is Going on in Antarctica; Giants? Here Comes Truth

What is Going on in Antarctica


Here Comes Truth

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
I hope you've got your hats on kids. We're going for a wild ass ride, down a huge slope and we don't have any breaks. This isn't going to end well but it's that we all asked for? Who wants some boring family trip in the station wagon to Wally World? Not me, sign me up for the trip to Hell and the swag bag of chlamydia and a side of Purgatory. Yes, that sounds just fine my friend.

OK so the show is starting a little later tonight because I was having a hell of a time with my Streamyard account and trying to get the damn software to work. Work software, work - why won't you work? Nothing seems to work anymore. Is it because I'm getting older, or is it because I'm getting dumber? How about both?

NASA's Secret Space Program; What is Going on in Antarctica; Giants? Here Comes Truth

The show doesn't start until 930PM PST so if there's no video in the player above that means it's not 930PM PST. 

NASA's Secret Space Program
Tonight we venture to the well known jump rooms that supposedly transport US Space Force members from secret rooms under the Pentagon to the Moon, to Mars, to Jupiter and beyond. That's just the start. We've tracked down physical locations here in our own city disguised as a furniture warehouse which hold the same jumprooms that can transport the new age astronauts armed with plasma rifles to places throughout the universe.

These jump room allow the powers-that-be to hitch a ride on the maglev train in the sky, the real space elevators scattered around our country and our world that will take you anywhere you need to go within the void of space.

What's Going on in Antarctica
They don't call it the Antarctic shelf for nothing. We've figured all that out and more. It's nowhere close to what you think and that's for sure. There's a new age gold rush going on in Antarctica but the gold they're pulling out of the ground isn't gold dust or nuggets - it's already in technology form. It's already in gold bullion. This stuff has already been smelted, it's already been proposed and even repurposed. Some of it is millions of years old. This would be a great time to tell you that this gold is unlimited and discovered in a pyramid network that looks just like ancient Egypt except it's brand new and the entire city is made of gold.

The most interesting part about this discovery isn't the gold, it's not the pyramid network or the city made of gold - it's the laser rail. The transport made of light that allows anyone and everyone to ride the rail like public transport. You can jump on this light ray and ride it to the two other planets within our construct. How the heck did we ever get along without this technology? It's absolutely amazing.

Oh yes, we have tons of them. This is a new species of giant discovered right here in America. Ice giants that after the great diluvian-flood era turned to stone and is now implanted in the bedrock of every known mountain. Can they be revived? Scientists sure think so. After testing these giants remains you can actually still hear a heartbeat. Now their heart is nothing like ours or any of the mammals here on Earth their heart sounds just like the cry of a sperm whale.

This along with so many other amazing proofs, thoughts, theories and ideas will be ready and waiting tonight at 930PM PST on Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC

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